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Misconceptions About Islam 11 – Muslims Worship the Ka’bah

Misconceptions About Islam 11 – Muslims Worship the Ka’bah – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. It is not surprising that the birth of Nahdlatul Ulama in Indonesia in 1926 AD was actually a symbol of resistance to these two extreme poles.

    However, this time, due to space limitations, I will limit this article to discussing the first extreme pole, Wahabi. also that I will limit the discussion of Wahhabism specifically to its dark history in the past, not to its doctrines, figures or anything else. I hope that we can use these historical facts to predict our social and religious life in the future. Because after all, what the Wahhabis did at that time was a black mark. It is these black stains that have now changed the face of Islam, which was actually pro-peace, to become very harsh and changed Islam, which was originally friendly, to become full of anger.

    As is understood, the Wahhabis are a rigid and strict Islamic sect and are followers of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab. his father, Abdul Wahab, was a Uyainah judge following Ahmad Ibn Hanbal. Ibnu Abd Wahab himself was born in 1703 AD/1115 AH in Uyainah, in the Najd area which is the eastern part of the present kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the course of history, Abdul Wahab, his father, had to be dismissed from his position as judge and expelled from Uyainah in 1726 AD/1139 AH because of his son's strange and dangerous actions. His older sibling, Sulaiman bin Abd Wahab criticized and rejected at length his younger sibling's thoughts (as-sawaiq al-ilahiyah fi ar-rad al-wahabiyah). (Abdurrahman Wahid: The Illusion of an Islamic State, 2009, p. 62)

    This hard and rigid Wahhabi thought was triggered by a religious understanding that refers to the literal sound of the text of the Koran and al-Hadith. This is what makes Wahhabis very anti-tradition, rejecting tahlil, the Prophet's birthday, barzanji, manaqib, and so on. Wahhabi-style literary understanding ultimately excludes and views people outside Wahhabi as infidels and out of Islam. Thus, Wahabi people feel themselves to be the most righteous, most Muslim, most devout, most believer and also the safest people. They forget that true salvation is not shown by Wahhabi claims, but by a sincere, sincere and completely submissive religion to Allah SWT.

    However, ironically, this Wahhabi religious understanding was supported by the power of Ibn Saud, who at that time was the ruler of Najd. Ibn Saud himself was an intelligent politician who only took advantage of Wahabi support to achieve his political interests. Ibn Saud, for example, asked Ibn Abdul Wahab for guaranteed compensation so as not to interfere with his habit of collecting annual tribute from the residents of Dir'iyyah. The coalition was built permanently to strengthen both. If before joining power, Ibnu Abdul Wahab had committed violence by converting people outside them to heresy and infidels, then when Ibnu Saud's power supported him, Ibnu Abdul Wahab suddenly resorted to violence to eliminate people who did not agree with them.

    In 1746 AD/1159 AH, the coalition of Ibnu Abdul Wahab and Ibnu Saud proclaimed jihad against anyone who differed from their understanding of monotheism. They do not hesitate to attack those who do not agree with them, accusing them of shirk, apostasy and infidelity. every Muslim who does not agree with them is considered an apostate, which is why they can and even must fight. Meanwhile, according to Wahabi, the predicate Muslim only refers exclusively to Wahhabi followers, as explained in the book Unwan al-Majd fi Tarikh an-Najd. In 1802 AD / 1217 AH, the Wahhabis attacked Karbala and killed the majority of the population they encountered both in the markets and at home, including children and women.

    Not long after, namely in 1805 AD/1220 AH, the Wahhabis captured the city of Medina. One year later, the Wahhabis took control of the city of Mecca. in these two cities, the Wahhabis occupied them for six and a half years. The clerics were forced to swear allegiance at gunpoint. Massacre after massacre began. Wahhabis also carried out massive destruction of historical buildings and cemeteries, burning books other than the Koran and Al-Hadith, reading Barzanji poetry, reciting several mau'idzah hasanah before the Friday sermon, prohibiting owning cigarettes and even smoking them. coffee.Historically, Wahhabism have always used violence both doctrinally, culturally and socially. For example, in the conquest of the Arabian peninsula until the 1920s, more than 400 thousand Muslims were murdered and publicly executed, including children and women. (Hamid Algar: Wahabism, A Critical Essay, p. 42). When they came to power in the Hijaz, the Wahhabis slaughtered Sheikh Abdullah Zawawi, the teacher of the Shafii Madzhab scholars, even though he was already ninety years old. (M. Idrus Romli: Smart Book Debating with Wahhabism, 2010, p. 27). In addition, wealth and women in areas conquered by the Wahhabis were often taken by them as war booty.

    Here, we see at least two things in the Wahhabi typology which always imposes its will on thought. Firstly, when they did not yet have physical and military strength, the Wahhabis carried out doctrinal, intellectual and psychological violence by attacking anyone who was different from them as apostates, polytheists and infidels. secondly, after they had physical and military strength, these accusations continued with physical violence by means of amputations, beatings and even murder. ironically, this Wahabi calls what he does as da'wah and amar maruf nahi munkar which is the essence of Islamic teachings.

    The flood of Wahhabi books in the Gramedia Bookstore, Toga Mas, and so on recently, in my opinion, is a form of terror and a path of violence that the Wahhabis have pursued doctrinally, intellectually and at the same time psychologically against Muslims in Indonesia. Indonesian Wahhabis, who feel that they are still weak, currently believe that the effective way to do this is by proselytizing, apostasy, polytheism and infidelity of people outside of them. Their minority numbers only allow them to pursue this path in the midst of the democratic faucets that are wide open for them.

    I am absolutely certain that if one day the Wahhabis in this country have too much power and military strength in this country, they will use violent methods by slaughtering and murdering fellow Muslims who do not share their understanding. If the people of NU, Jam'iyyah Nahdlatul Ulama, and other mass organizations that are in line with moderate Islam and rahmatan lil alamen are unable to fortify it, I imagine Indonesia will become the second volume of Saudi Arabia. I can't imagine how sad it would be if our kiai and ulama would become victims of massacres by the Wahhabis, especially when they are in power in this country.

    Naudzubillah wa naudzubilah min dzalik. Wallahualam.

  2. this is the same thing low life nazis said about jews who kiss touch. bow and pray to stone wall in Jerusalem …christians kiss lick bow and pray upon the 'holy tiles' located at entrance to church of the nativity. all are just showing severance to the holy sites

  3. Mohamed loved behaving like the pagans who part their hair

    Sahih al-Bukhari 5917
    Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

    The Prophet (ﷺ) used to copy the people of the Scriptures in matters in which there was no order from Allah. The people of the Scripture used to let their hair hang down while the pagans used to part their hair. So the Prophet (ﷺ) let his hair hang down first, but later on he parted it.

  4. An amazing phenomena happens around the world when we muslims perform our 5 daily salats facing the Kabba. As the earth rotates to bring in day and night, different regions on the same longitude come into their salat times, and if you were in space looking down you would see muslims prostrating and bowing in those longitudes. Then the same would happen in the next longitude, repeating in the 24 hour period of the earth. Allahu Akbar.🕋

  5. Sir assalam-alaikum sir you Islamic scholar But Sir I requested you that when you guide you speak in Urdu because mostly people do not understand the English language mostly in Pakistan sir I requested you that you speak in Urdu pls pls

  6. Quran O People of the Book! Why do you argue about Abraham, while the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed until long after him? Do you not understand? Here you are! You disputed about what you have ˹little˺ knowledge of,1 but why do you now argue about what you have no knowledge of?2 Allah knows and you do not know. Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian; he submitted in all uprightness1,ie, was a Muslim, and was not a polytheist. Indeed, those who have the best claim to Abraham are his followers, this Prophet,1 and the believers. And Allah is the Guardian of those who believe.

  7. Quran And ˹remember˺ when Abraham raised the foundation of the House with Ishmael, ˹both praying,˺ “Our Lord! Accept ˹this˺ from us. You are indeed the All-Hearing, All-Knowing. Our Lord! Make us both ˹fully˺ submit to You1 and from our descendants a nation that will submit to you. Show us our rituals, and turn to us in grace. You are truly the Accepter of Repentance, Most Merciful. Our Lord! Raise from among them a messenger who will recite to them Your revelations, teach them the Book and wisdom, and purify them. Indeed, You ˹alone˺ are the Almighty, All-Wise.” And who would reject the faith of Abraham except a fool! We certainly chose him in this life, and in the Hereafter he will surely be among the righteous.

  8. No one worship the kabba it’s simply a direction of prayer , as the jews worship towards jersulam the Muslims worship towards mecca , as for the deity that we worship he is way up in heaven where Jesus went not on earth

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