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Mawlid an-Nabi – Celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday ? ᴴᴰ ┇Mohammad Hoblos┇ Dawah Team

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

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  1. This was beautiful mashAllah. I have been by stander and saw real hate from both sides for the other side. Hating your Muslim brother over a difference is what Shaytan wants. This brother may Allah bless him, is slapping Shaytan down and promoting love and brotherhood.

  2. 🌷Hazrat Haji Imdadullah رضي الله عنه‎ was the Sheikh of Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, Qasim Nanotwi, Ashraf ‘Ali Thanwi, Mahmood al-Hasan,Husayn Ahmad Madni & numerous other Deobandis.

    🌷 In his treatise ‘Faisala-e-Haft Mas’la’, he warned Deobandi scholars for spreading misgivings in the public on certain issues, one among them was their stance on the Mawlid, on which he made his stance very clear saying,

    ‘‘This faqir’s stance (lit. mashrab) is that I attend the Mawlid gathering and I consider it a means of achieving blessings hence I celebrate it every year. I experience pleasure and grace during Qiyam’’.

    Urdu Transliteration:

    ‘‘Mashrab Faqir ka yeh hai keh Mehfil-e-Mawlud mein shareek huwta huwn balkeh zaree`ah-e-barakat samajh kar har saal mun`aqid karta hun. Auwr Qiyam mein lutf auwr lazzat paata huwn.’’
    The Shaykh’s purpose behind penning ‘Faisila-e-Haft Mas`alah’ was to bring the scholarly dispute to a minimum in the subcontinent.

    🌷 In Shama’im-e-Imdadiya he said:
    ‘Our scholars cause a lot of quarrel on the Noble Mawlid issue. Yet however many scholars have upheld its permissibility. When there is a perspective of its permissibility then why are they so extreme? And imitating the Haramain is sufficient proof for us.'
    ( the largest gathering of Eid Milad un Nabi (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) at that time used to be held in Masjid Al Haraam in Makkah)

    In a letter to Shaykh Ashraf `Ali Thanawi, a Mureed of Haji Imdadullah says,

    ‘‘Didn’t the Mawlid gatherings of Haji sahib, those which he celebrated at his abode and those which he attended in India and in Makka, consist of inviting people (tada`i), using plentiful light, applying fragrance, setting up a seating place for the public and a high raised seat for the speaker, Qiyam during the specific time of mentioning the birth, and gathering all elite and lay people for the celebration? Yes of course it did!’’

    🌷 Shaykh Ashraf `Ali Thanawi records the following incident in Ifadhaat al-Yawmiya,
    ‘‘Once, Hadhrat Rasheed Ahmad Gongohi Sahib was in the service of Hadhrat Haji Sahib (Imdadullah Faruqi) in Makka when someone invited Haji Sahib for a Mawlud gathering. Hadhrat (Haji Sahib) asked Mawlana (Gongohi): Mawlawi Sahib! Do you want to attend? Mawlana replied: No Hadhrat, I am not going there because I prevent people back in India (from attending the Mawlid). If I attend here, those people will say, he was attending (Mawlids) over there (inMakka)

    🌷 Haji Imdadullah requested Mawlana Gulam Dastageer to summarise the Sunni view on among other things Mawlid, Mawlana Gulam Dastageer Qusuri wrote,
    ‘‘To compare the regular Mawlid gathering celebrated in the Arab and non-Arab world, to the birth of Kunhaya and to call it an innovation and unlawful, and to consider its Qiyam which is done out of respect and honour for the noble dhikr and is praiseworthy among the scholars, unlawful and even more call it shirk and disbelief…are extremely ugly statements. To utter such hideous statements about practices those have been passed on for many years through the elite men in Islam that are free of reprehensible acts, are not done with the intention of comparison to non-Muslims (tashabuh), and have a legal basis, is extremely inappropriate, may Allah most High grant the virtue of respect’’.

    Haji Imdadullah sent this document to Shah `Abd al-Haq Ilahabadi Muhajir Makki who endorsed it, as well as Haji Imdadullah Faruqi Makki himself who wrote the following statement and stamped it in a gathering of scholars and mureeds, in the month of Rabi` al-Awwal 1308h,

    ‘‘The abovementioned document is correct and is according to my (lit. faqir’s) belief’’.
    Shaykh al-Islam, Haji Anwarullah Faruqi from Hayderabad Dekkan also endorsed it.

    A Khalifa of Haji Imdadullah and early student of Shaykh Rasheed Ahmad Gongohi, Sayyid Hamza Naqawi Makki also endorsed it saying,

    ‘‘The beliefs mentioned in this answer are penned in the books of Sunni doctrine, and Allah knows best’’.

  3. The prophet said “who ever among you lives long will see great controversy so hold tight onto my sunnah and the sunnah of the rightly guided caliphs “-Hadith 28, 40 Hadith Nawawi
    “Every innovation is a going astray and every going astray is in the FIRE”-sahih Muslim and another narration can be found in Sunan and nisai
    Now the prophet is already warning us letting us prepare for a great deal of differing after his death and he peace be upon him is telling us to HOLD TIGHT TO HIS SUNNAH
    Question : do you agree when Allah says in the Quran “on this day I perfected your religion “
    Answer : yes
    Question “was everything the prophet taught us to get closer to Allah he taught us in the 23 years of prophethood he had and everything that displeased or draws us further away from Allah he taught it us moreover Allah says that he doesn’t speak from his own desires he speaks from revelation
    Answer : yes
    Question : so celebrating the mawlid as an act of worship is this to draw us closer to Allah ?
    Answer : yes
    Question / statement : so during the 23 years of prophet during the caliphate of the greatest men to walk on this earth Abu bakr , Umar ibn khattab , uthman ibn affan , Ali ibn talib, it did not come to their knowledge to teach us such a beautiful act of worship
    Answer : woah woah hold up that’s life statement , no they didn’t hide anything from us especially the prophet I could never accuse him of ignorance nor betrayal and he certainly did not hide any revelation from us

    Then this can only mean that it is an INNOVATION and the prophet warned us against doing newly invented acts of worship that nerither is confirmed from the Quran or sunnah or both and from the teachings of the consensus of the companions
    I know you do it out of love brother but by Allah love for the prophet is to hold tight onto his sunnah to extent you hold it the way ur molar teeth is stuck to ur gums for the prophet said “ some of my companions will come to me at my lake fount (on judgement day) and after I recognise them they will be taken away from me , whereupon I will say “my companions!’ Then it will be said “you don’t know what they innovated in the religion after you “ sahih bhukari 6582

  4. 200 years ago Muslims remembering the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW without objection from any well known scholars. But today people questioning it because of "innovation". Is "innovation" or bida'ah consider as part of syariah like Compulsory, Sunnah, Optional, Makruh & Haram?

  5. We are told to commemorate Ashura every year and celebrate Jummah every week and two Eids per year to remember victories of Prophets on Ashura and their Mawlid like of Aadam alaihis salaam's on Jumu'ah but we are not to commemorate, remember and celebrate Mawlid of Rasool Allah who is not just Prophet and Lord of All Prophets but also very reason everything was created and very reason for existence of anything and everything and reason why we became greatest Ummah and why we were chosen to be on even why we exist so why not celebrate and why not commemorate the greatest day in humankind history that every Prophet waited for and gave glad tidings about for millions of years

    When your son is born you can celebrate his birthday or it's your beloved ones marriage you can do decorations and cut cakes and what not and invite hundreds but upon Mawlid you have objections,thing is nobody objects out of love they're all doing it out of jealousy and hatred of Rasool Allah suallal Lahu alaihis waSalaam
    Sahaba did everything out of love that's why They had best imaan,they used to duck at places where Prophet suallal Lahu alaihis waSalaam just only once crossed the fallen tree,they drank blessed blood and urine of Prophet suallal Lahu alaihis waSalaam,they martyred their teeth,they did wajd,they were true lovers,you don't seek Qur'an and Hadees for your son's birthday,your country's Independence day,your company's anniversary,your marriage celebration,heck your YouTube subscription celebration but object and ridicule Mawlid of Rasool Allah suallal Lahu alaihis waSalaam and call lovers and recitors of Mawlid biddati mushrik and kafir,so ofcourse you're not lovers you're just bastard khwarjis

  6. I will celebrate as a Muslim But my father's and the rest of my families aren't celebrate it's up to them. But no one logically convince me. There's a lot of innovation after the die of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) by many Islam scholars so why Mowlid only innovation? We Muslim are follower of prophet Muhammad( SAW) not Saudi Arabia but many scholars indirectly following Saudi Arabia. Our model is prophet Muhammad ⚖️ (SAW). There's billion of Muslim celebrating Mowlid including myself. I don't ask as I'm Muslim any one I do it. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Your Muslim brother's from Ethiopia 🇪🇹👍🏿✍🏿

  7. Hey brother don't worry to be respected just always be with the truth…mawlid is haram and you know it but you don't want to be hated that is why your talking about other topic

  8. Abdullah ibn Umar, the son of Umar ibn Khattab RA said that Every innovation is misguidance even if it is done with a good intention. Brother Mohamed there isn’t unity and love in Bid’ah, we shouldn’t sugar coat the truth.
    The Prophet SAW said dont let the fear of the people prevent you from saying the truth. May Allah guide us all to the truth

  9. Not all innovations are bad innovations. Imam Ashafi^i and other scholars mentioned the innovations are devided into two. Good and Bad Innovation. Most of the Innovation are bad innovations. But of course not all. Like there was a time where the arabs used no dots for the arabic writing this came later. This was a good Innovation. Thanking God on the day Prophet Mohammed was born, by serving food and saying Assalat, doesn't contradict anything.

  10. To unite and love each other in the name of Allah.. in the deeds to obey Allah and Rasulullah… There will be no unite in disobeying Allah and Rasulullah teaches.. Impossible.. bit by bit.. step by step satan the devil will divert you from the right path on the name of unite..

  11. What happened to encouraging the good and forbidding the bad.
    This softly softly respectfully wishy washy nonsense where we don't offend anybody is utter cop-out. You need to speak the truth even if its against yourself . Speak a word of truth in the face of a tyrant. Help your brother by helping him to right guidance.

  12. Salaams my brother Hoblos. My heart is so pleased with you for saying what you have said about love and respect for one another. This is full of wisdom. I like and enjoy taking part in the Mawlid for the love of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) I have always had love for you for the sake of Allah my respect for you has increased ten fold.

  13. CELEBRATE EID MILAAD UN NABI. NOT BID'A AND NOT SHIRK . To understand this, analytical and interpreting ability is required. Notwithstanding this , I fully appreciate and agree with what our brother in this video has preached. May ALLAH SWT INCREASE HIS KNOWLEDGE.

  14. As wr wb there are some invitations that are for the greater causes of the din so stop calling mawlid bidah if that is the case how come the collection of the Quran is not bidah based on the interpretation of people who say the prophet(pbuh) didn't do this so we shouldn't do it the celebration is to be thankful for Allah for rewarding us Islam and the prophet(pbuh) ummah the day is filled with zehker and Quran and appreciation of the prophet(PBUH)

  15. Ya Allah ❤️
    Ya Allah ❤️
    Ya Allah ❤️
    Allah is the creator, owner, organiser, planner, master, sustainer, maintainer, the giver of security……….
    I love you Allah s.w.t. ❤️

  16. To be successful in loving our prophet s.a.w. lies in following his Sunnah and his ways.
    Celebrating Mawlid has no connection with the love of the prophet.
    Conveying the message of the prophet s.a.w is definitely showing love for the prophet. ❤️

  17. Mawlid was not celebrated by the family of the prophet and the Sahabas And the pious people for 600 years.
    Surely we are not better than the first generation Muslims.
    So why are Muslims celebrating something their ancestors and founders did not.?????????????

  18. Mawlid was invented 600 years approximately after the death of prophet s.a.w.
    The Christians were celebrating Christmas the birth of Jesus.
    Muslims copied the Christians.
    The first to do Mawlid were Fatimids Shias in Egypt followed by Iraq.
    Mawlid is an innovation.
    Bidah has no place in Islam.
    Bidah leads to shirk.
    Allah will not forgive shirk.

  19. 'oooh we are on ummah, spread love💖 peace and unity✨ forget about it being bid'ah, yes all love and peace unite with falsehood it doesn't matter 💞💘" 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ seriously man go study the seen from the righteous scholars

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