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Living Muslim LIVE – With Hoblos and Stuzz

A new and engaging show LIVE during the month of Ramadan.

This Ramadan, help humanity with MAA. Visit or call 1800 100 786 [24×7].


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  1. Salam my alikum everyone am here by informing u guys if any of u can help our charity association African youths Islamic please this is our number in shaa Allah ±220 2108179or 2060437

  2. MUSLIMS, why do you say Quran is miracles of miracles, please justify?? Do you say Quran is miracles because of its melody in Arabic literature?? Tell us please, what did you get scientific miracles in Quran that is not in the Bible?? What did Muhammad give you to become holy to live with Allah who is holy that you did not find from Jesus Christ and in the Bible?? Do you believe Muhammad version of Jannah where male Muslims like you would have sex with 72 beautiful hoories and women would have none?? Jesus said in the Bible that in heaven, our souls remain alive, body decomposed with soil and soul have no sex organ like penis and male hormone like Testosterone that Muslims would enjoy beautiful Hoories like when they have flesh and blood in this world. Why do you believe Muhammad version of Jannah and is it your scientific miracles?? Last question, how Muhammad became the best and last prophet in Islam when Quran gave Isa the most honor and importance taking him alive in Jannah and sending him again as LORD OF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT DAY??

  3. May Allah grant brother Ali Banat the highest ranks of jannah May Allah forgive his sins and have mercy on his beautiful soul and reunite him with his beloved ones in jannah ameen. He will always remain in my Duas in sha Allah . What a beautiful example of mankind he was ❤️

  4. Jee brother hubloos I'm shaakir from south africa so much of ppl wana change but we dont evn have a proper mosque to evn read namaaz we in a place calld vandabaijilpark Johannesburg

  5. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

    May Allah (swt) reward both of you for this amazing program & thanks to mma for their support.
    I look forward to see more videos from you guys

  6. always remember death while in salaah may Allah have mercy on brother Ali Banat and grant him Jannah Firdus Allah gave him an opportunity to change his life before he return to him subhaan Allah

  7. Is there something wrong with the link? Protected? It wont let me Chromecast it so whole family can watch.

    All other videos work except this.

  8. Subhanallah he touched us all
    😭😭😭May Allah have mercy on him ,ameen yarab
    He was a humble man, with all that wealth subhanallah and Allah guided him to use his money for charity ( May Allah bless his work) May Allah give his family sabr
    Ameen ameen yarab

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