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Jerusalem – The Arena of Truth and Falsehood

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  1. Palestine issue did not start just 75yrs ago …it started 3500yrs ago whdn Allah gave the Ethnic Bani Israeel the land of Palestine (even though another people were settled there much before AND even after their fathers were cursed for 40yrs in the desert). THINK 🤔 my brothers dont follow deviant, unkust and egocentric narrative.

    Land leadership belongs to those who can manage them best.

    Muslims have mostly (minus a few well managed countries) proven to be BAD land managers.

    Here are a few examples:

    A) Bani Umaya's hujacking Khilafa and killing Ahle Baith and killing/torturing Sahaba such as Abdullah bin Zubair.

    B) Bani Abbas's brutalities

    C) Otomons sultans with their child gay boys, 200's of Harems abducted from the Caucasaes and sultans butiring their own blood brothers to eliminate challenges to the throne.

    D) Ottomans siding with HITLER's evil ambitions in WW1

    E) and the list keeps going

  2. You said "Yazeed, may Allah be pleased with him." even though he hijacked the khilafa ftom Ahle Baith and his soldiers KILLED Ahle Baith

  3. These are BABY questions. Here is a mature question……:

    #1: what given Gazan's the right to blame other Muslims to not fight on their behalf when those countries may be in peace treaty or contract with enemies especially when Gazan's dont want to leave since last 40yrs to get away from persecution to save theur life, honor and dignity? In light of verse 8:72.

    #2: why did Muslims fight the 1947 UN Resolution despite being UN members and obliged to follow the Redolution once passed? Again in light of the fact that we must keep our contracts.

    #3 when will Palestinians realize Hamaz's strategy of poking the bear and running away to hide among civilians will get more civilians killed. In light of Prophetic battles in which the civilians were kept away?

  4. You cannot claim this is Allahs plan….50,000 innocent people killed just to prove islam is a true religion beacuse muslims are patient? I think you are making stuff up about Allah.

    This could be a punishment for people (hamaz) who poke the bear (israel) and hide anong civilians (gazans).

    I don't think the Prophet ever brought the war to civilians.

  5. কাফের,,,মুনাফিক,,,মুশরিক,,, মিথ্যাবাদি দেরকে নিয়ে বেশিবেশি বইলেন ভাই যদি তাদের ইমান ঠিক হয়।।।request রইল।।।

  6. Mr. Doctor Zachary nyer.Please tell me the honeymolds.Have a next life or not.Can you please on your one program?Say about this to people understand honeymolds.Have a next flight or not inosenda koran

  7. Disappointed with the response given to the question on Saudi’s role. Why is it hard to say that the custodian of the haramain has a degree of responsibility to protect the 3rd holiest masjid?

  8. What should we do for Palatine?

    Here is the action plan prescribed by Dr. Zakir Naik:

    1. Pray
    2. Spread the Truth
    3. One to one discussion
    4. Awareness
    5. Peaceful Protest
    6. Boycott Israeli products
    7. Donate
    8. Broadcast the truth via media
    9. Lawful steps
    10. Wakf
    11. Political activity
    12. Trade boycott by country
    13. Diplomatic pressure
    14. Unity of Ummah
    15. Khelafat

  9. The obsession with Israel is interesting considering the millions of Muslim Arabs killed and made refugees in Middle East as result of other Muslim Arabs. Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and the list goes on. Lets be honest , the Sunni Shia issue is far more of a danger to Muslims. Allah swt gave Muslim Arabs land and wealth beyond belief yet people are still hungry, homeless, conflicted. Where is the sharia, the justice, the Deen.

  10. Considering there is not a verse in Quran to justify the behaviour of Muslims regarding Israel and Jerusalem, dont you think its time to address the behaviour of your own Uma? After all Muslim Arabs possess 99.98% of land in Middle East combined with the blessing of wealth in form of oil yet for some reason Muslim Arabs cannot offer Palestinians citizenship and refuge. After all the Muslim Arab leaders forced 850,000 Arabic Jews to leave Arab states. Those Arabic Jews became Israelis. Meanwhile Palestinian Arabs who went to Arab states became refugees for next 75 years. Right????

  11. Allah Almighty Exalted Above the heaven

    Above His 'Arsh: (Above The Greatest Throne),

    Everything is under His knowledge, control & vision.

    All praise belongs to Allah Alone

    All power and all dominion.

    Allah created every existing being,

    Allah is Not like any created thing.

    Our Lord is Allah SWT. There is no 'True God' / 'True Ilah except Allah. Allah is Exalted Above ‘Arsh, above the heaven. Holy Qur'an is Allah's Word and final revelation for mankind. Allah is the One and Unique True Deity'. None is worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad PBUH is Allah's servant and messenger.♥♥♥

  12. আপনার বাংলাদেশে অনেক সাছক্রাইবার আছে তাই বাংলা দিয়ে কিছু বলেন।।। এই ভাষা বুঝতাছিনা

  13. Почему люди молятся о мире но мирную жизнь не делают???


    АЛЛАХ СОЗДАЛ МИР ! люди уродуют ВОЙНОЙ

    многие хотя в РАЙ, но исчезают в АД

  14. I thought you became afraid of speaking the truth since you did not talk about it for long time. Alhumdullilah may allah reward and keep you safe. I was worried why you did not put any videos before. At least I did not see any

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