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ISRAELI Universities EXPOSED! 🇮🇱

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  1. everyone is judged based on their deeds, Allah said we will see a wiehgt of an Itom of a good deed and a bad deed in the day of Judgement. it will be the ones from the right side and the ones from the left side and the ones who are the closest to Allah. we will all have a witness of our deeds either with us or against us, if you have a record than you will be judged , if you had it on you right side than you are lucky and happy but if you had it on your left side than you wish it to be sooooo far away from you and that you wish to go back to be dirt again. Allah will give time to people to repent but once your time is up than there is no going back. one death for all. Allah who gave you life than will give you death than will give you life again to return to him for judgement. ohh Allah take every muslim soul to Heaven, and forgive our sins because we are weak.

  2. Sydney U is one of the most isolated universities and it's very conservative mode copies what the UK and the USA do. They just support Israel because USA and UK do, despite the global condemnation of Israeli genocide, ethnic cleansing since 1948 and periodic destruction of the Palestinian businesses or commercial enterprises.

    If only Australians can be more perceptive and less isolated in their thinking, Australia will be another USA puppet state to keep USA hegemonic dominance in that Pacific region and puppet state to buy USA out-dated military weapons and materiels. To the USA, Australia is just another sucker nation that will buy USA obsolete weapons, bombs, helicopters, drones and outdated missiles and outdated fighter planes, etc. at the highest prices possible.

  3. It's called the Israeli Defense Force. Simple. They're prioritizing the safety of their people. Of course they're involved in the universities. The survival of Israel is the survival of the Jews.
    As for the silly photos from Gaza. They're obviously just having a laugh in these tough times. War is hell. I agree they'd be better off not being silly like that anyway.
    This video is clearly of a Hamas supporter. You will never prosper in your wishes to annihilate the Jews! Not untill the end of Earth's existence. Israel is only getting stronger!

  4. They recruit outside of native Jews and then the participants say "yeah, I'm a Jew".. even though native Jews in Israel actually reject compulsory military education and refuse to become IDF troops.. it's really ridiculous..😂

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