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Islam gave Economic Rights to Women 1300 years Before the Western World – Dr Zakir Naik

Islam gave Economic Rights to Women 1300 years Before the Western World – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. 😂😂😂 look how silly zakni Can get , He worship prophet Muhammad because 💯 percent prophet gets his Rules And COMMANDMENTS from Allah and what is written in the Quran is for them to follow and obey and do what is right in the Quran ,. 😂 But look what zakni doing straight away Go against his own prophet and Allah words and laws , 😂😂 by taking Off what's been given and add On WHAT Not BEEN GIVEN 😂🤣😂 , And by looking at all the Islam and Muslims Abdul in the congregation just going with the flow Of what he says 😂😂 and 💯 percent believe 😂 so zakni don't used your prophet for cover up when 💯 percent you ignore his command and teaching 😊 oops

  2. Beating wife. Keep her in Burkah, Triple talaaq , Nikha halala , Using women as sex slaves, Women not allowed into Mosques, polygamy, misogynist tendencies etc.. are the virtues of Islam presented to women. It is for Muslim women to raise in revolt against male dominance and chauvinism in Islam. Left Islam and happy ever since. Don't believe this Joker Nalayak.

  3. 3:494:15 very beautuful religion. Islam gives women financial security: she does not need to work, if she works she can keep the money for herself not for family, but if she wants to give them its ok. It is her father, brother and husband who must give her financial security🌷🙏

    May Allah let all Muslim men realize this, so they will treat women kindly and respectfully and responsibly. Ameen☺

  4. Islam is the most beautiful religion that protects women, that asks men to treat women like a queen. 🌷💐
    A study by German scientists in 2019 has proved that Muslims are happiest people in the world. Google it😊

  5. If woman are misbehaving against there partner or in the relationship to impress other than Allah swt they are then not pleasing Allah swt this is called Disloyalty to ones scripture to please other than there chosen cultural over embarrassment, exactly woman already receive enough security and protection , however when there following there bhabbi ideas this is then a illegitimate marriage and makes no difference if police or social services fail the children ..

  6. Is women and men are equal in Islam, how come a woman's word is only worth half the amount of value as a man's word? Can a Muslim please answer, I'm trying to learn about this religious, thank you.

  7. Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: They asked:" Why is it so , O Allah apostle?" He replied:" You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I HAVE NOT SEEN ANYONE MORE DEFICIENT IN INTELLIGENCE AND RELIGION THAN YOU"…….

  8. Lies! Surah 2 v282, hadith 2658, sahih muslim hadith 241. Read! It literally says that women are deficient to men and more likely not to go to paradise. Now think logically, would an all knowing god say this about our mothers and the mothers of our children. Or are these the words of a man in the 7th century who didn’t know any better and who told everyone that his words were the words of god?

  9. Aslk
    I'm a teacher but for some occasions v need to perform in front of students.
    for eg v planning a action song for children's day. V sing songs n plays.
    What do u suggest me. Plz help me.

  10. Just an excellent clarification and guideline. I have been searching for an authentic answer of this question for a long time…And thanks to Zakir Naik. May Allah bless him….ameen!

  11. Fear Allah regarding women, for they are your assistants. You have the right on them that they do not allow any person whom you dislike to step on your mat. However, if they do that, you are allowed to discipline them lightly. They have a right on you that you provide them with their provision and clothes, in a reasonable manner.,, narrated by Al Boukhari and Muslim

  12. Sir…I have a request…please do a debate with David wood…He has disrespected Islam and Our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh)…it was just too much…I can't tolerate this anymore…please sir…Do something….Please

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