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Is there any mention of ‘the seven day’ weekly cycle-order of creation in the Quran?

Dr Zakir Naik answers a Question posed by Non-Muslim Brother.
Is there any mention of ‘the seven day’ weekly cycle-order of creation in the Qur’an?

Lecture Name: Ask Dr Zakir (Chennai)
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  1. I think this is a very technical question requiring knowledge of the history of astronomy and that the answer given was not accurate. I will try to bring some elements which I believe could answer the question.

    The question was:

    Is the division of the week into 7 days the work of God as it a feature common to all civilizations across the world?

    According to the questioner, things that man create changes. But things that God creates does not change. Is the establishment of a 7 day week, which has been observed across different civilisations throughout History, a sign of God handiwork?

    Doctor Naik went through a long explanation talking about the Big Bang theory, the 6 day creation of the heavens and earth, the biblical narration of God resting on the seventh day all of which was not relevant to the origin of the 7 day week.

    The answer to this question is that the seven day weeks is the work of God. But it was also established through astronomical observations of man across different civilizations which came to the same universal conclusion and truths.

    Astronomical observations show cycles in the sky.

    The first cycle to be observed is the seasonal changes which can be 4 or 2 seasons..

    The sun is high in the sky during summer and low during winter. This is an ongoing cycle.

    The path of the sun in the sky is called the ecliptic.

    The moon and the planets move close to the ecliptic in cycles.

    Early in our history, man did not know that the earth revolved round the sun in 365 days. However the following astronomical observation could be made.

    It takes 365 days for a star to return to a location in the sky to one observing every night from the same point on earth and at a fixed time.

    The moon does 12 cycles within these 365 days.

    These two cycles of the star and the moon gave rise to the concept of the 365 day year and the 12 month division of the year into roughly 30 days each month.

    A moon cycle is about 30 days and the moon goes through 4 major phases within this cycle each roughly of 7 days.

    The 4 major stages of the moon occur between these 5 points waxing crescent, first quarter moon, full moon, last quarter moon, waning crescent.

    These 4 stages take place at roughly 7 days interval.

    It is from these astronomical observations that the division of time; a year 12 months and 365 days, a month of 4 weeks and a week of 7 days come.

    God has willed it so. He created the earth and the sky. He planned and created these cycles as he planned how man's technology and know-how would evolve with time. Man has been given the faculties and abilities to observe these astronomical phenomena.

    The praise for this handiwork belongs to God who is the Creator and Possessor of all that exists. His power is infinite and He gave us all that what we have.

    To those who did not find an accurate answer from Dr Z.Naik and wondering what the answer to the question posed might be, I hope that you find some elements helpful in my comment.

  2. I can’t believe a man of faith just refuted the Bible using Science… So God can not create the Universe in 6 days? How powerful is Your God Sir? I guess powerful, but not that power…

  3. That's a lot of talking, without answering the question, since he clarified only the reason for sex days, as the days of creation, but he completely ignored the question why there are seven days of the week, or more precisely why is there a seventh day, instead of six days in the Islamic calendar.

  4. I challenge aethist hindus Christians to make a new Quran if its good than Our Quran then ill accept that religion but Allah challenges humankind in Quran ch.2 V.23
    "And if you doubt what we have revealed to our servant Muhammad then produce something better like this and call upon your other God's besides Allah, if you're truthful."
    "But you cannot do this – nor you will be able to."

    Brothers please produce something better than Quran by taking help of you're pundits. If you produce something better than this Quran.
    I'll accept you're faith. But if the all disbelievers team up and try to produce something better than this Quran they cannot produce.. its an open challenge to all non Muslims..

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