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Is the Quran a book of Peace?

The ultimate goal of the Muslim in this life and the next is to achieve the status of peace. Muslims always remain in pursuit of peace which can only be achieved through obtaining the pleasure of God and entering into His mercy.

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Is the Quran really a book of peace?
That is the question we set out to answer and quite frankly it’s a question on the minds of many around the world. Sceptics, Non-Muslims and Muslims alike.
To anyone who reads the Quran, particularly in Arabic, they will quite often come across the word “سلام” (Salaam)or the many different derivatives of it. This is the specific Arabic word for “peace”, and it occurs over 40 times within the Quran.
But let’s look at this a little deeper.
To the surprise of many, the very word for peace or “Al-Salaam” is a name from the many names of Allah, God Almighty, explicitly mentioned in the Quran.[1] Muslims understand this name as referring to God as the ultimate source and provider of peace.
In other verses, God will also implore Muslims to greet one another with “peace” as their own unique greeting.[2] In fact, He asks us on multiple occasions to use this very same word for peace when confronted by those who are ignorant and unfriendly.[3] God will also frequently use the word peace to illustrate His Garden of Paradise, which is the ultimate abode of tranquillity and rest in the afterlife.[4] To be specific, the exact phrase “Peace” will repeatedly be said to the inhabitants of Paradise from God Himself[5], the Angels[6] and amongst one another.[7] God will also use the word “Peace” when invoking praise upon the various Prophets, Messengers and pious people of the past. Whether it be the Prophet Muhammad[8], Jesus[9], Abraham[10], Noah[11], Moses[12], Yahya (John)[13] or the believers in general.[14] In fact, when God describes His mission for humanity and His ultimate call, He explicitly says that He calls towards “the abode of peace”.[15] In another verse, He states that He guides towards “the path of peace”.[16] And lastly, God will even use the word peace when describing the various rulings pertaining to war, whereby He explicitly implores the Muslims towards peace, if the opposing side inclines towards it.[17] Quite clearly, peace is an overwhelming theme that is well repeated throughout the Quran in many different instances. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ too would also illustrate the sheer importance of peace throughout many occasions. For example in his well-known supplication, “Oh Allah, you are peace and from you is peace”[18] and of course, his well-renowned plea towards the Muslims to “spread peace” amongst one another.[19] All these examples provide a clear indication that the ultimate goal of the Muslim in this life and the next is to achieve the status of peace. Although it is unfortunately obvious that this life will always have its limitations in achieving absolute peace, particularly due to the abundance of corruption in this world and the constant conflict between the forces of good and evil; however as Muslims, we nevertheless shall always remain in pursuit of peace which can only be achieved through obtaining the pleasure of God and entering into His mercy – The ultimate abode of peace.
Peace be upon you all.
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  1. People need to understand that Allah (swt) has completed the religion. The messenger (SAW) did not leave without perfectioning the religion. So as there are rules about how to treat your parents, your surroundings, how to perform Salaah. There are also rules about war, rules about how to punish those who are extremely bad. Just like countries have laws and regulations for those who do not follow the law. If people are going to take these rules and portray them as the basis of Islam. These are those who try to make Islam a war-hunger religion.
    If you want to travel to america (USA) your travel agency is not going to say: "Hey, the laws of the US says that people get death sentence or they will go to prison". Yes that's true but in what context? Only if you are a severe criminal. Just like Islam has rules about punishments in the Qur'an but in what context? In times of war, or in times of oppression, in times of corruption, in time of severe criminals walking around. These rules are mad by the Supreme Wisdom of Allah(swt) to ensure Peace and Harmony among the people.

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