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Is Repentance Accepted If Hadd Punishment is not Implemented on the Person? – Dr Zakir Naik

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  2. Dr zakir please answer this question it is crucial that may make a muslim infidel.
    My question is about head transplant that when doctors do head transplant successfully and the patients both is healthy which ghost is from which body and when they die what happen to them .

  3. That Mohamad person simply created his new religion,

    by copying parts that he liked, and could 'use'

    from all the other fake local religions, including xtianity….

    He used the same method as Constantine had done,

    with Christianity,

    for his purpose of conquest,

    and to control the peoples of his conquests.

    This Mohamad was simply a petty dictator….!

    [btw – any objections to this historical fact must be accompanied with evidence

    to prove the existence

    of any god or allahaha claimed]

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