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Is Performing Eid Salaah Obligatory? – Dr Zakir Naik

Is Performing Eid Salaah Obligatory? – Dr Zakir Naik


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  2. Wait, so could someone explain again what he is saying at the end? If you pray Eid Salah, it's not fardh to pray Jumah salah? Am I understanding this correctly? But it's still fardh to pray Zuhr, right?

  3. DR. ZAKIR NAIK, you are not a Muslims if don't believe Jesus Christ that He came from your Lord God/Allah as said in surah 3:50. A person who came from God/Allah could not be a son of a man, as you wrongly believe. Jesus also said in Gospel like surah 3:50, in John 8:23 "But he continued, "You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world"*. Read, surah 3:50 *"And [I have come] confirming what was before me of the Torah and to make lawful for you some of what was forbidden to you. And I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, so fear Allah and obey me."

    So obey Jesus Christ if you like to live in Heaven. Don't forget He is the Lord of the FINAL JUDGMENT DAY. He has the power to throw you into Hell Fire. Jesus Christ said in John 10:30 *"I and the Father are one"*. It means He is God too like His Father. You can say you and your father are one human beings.

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    Write your comments if Muhammad as you believe is the Last and the Best prophet of your Allah, but Muhammad died like a false prophet with painful death as narrated by Aisha in Hadith, his Allah could not save him like Isa. This proves 100% without doubt that he was a false prophet and you believe a false prophet and his false Allah. Surely all Muslims would burn in Hell Fire for insulting Jesus Christ SON OF GOD, as a man like Muhammad.

  4. ZAKIR NAIK, I hope you would agree with me that it is a joke, not giving your Allah written original Quran to Muhammad, angel asked Muhammad to read surah 96:1-2 ” Recite in the name of your Lord who created-Created man from a clinging substance.” What a scientific miraculous book Quran is that you are proud to believe that Allah wrote Quran by his own hand and made man (Adam) from “clinging substance” not as described in the Bible that Adam was created from clay out of our earth.

    Your Quran made our Holy God spoke lies in the Bible, again your Quran asked Muslims to read Torah and Gospel confirming that these books are true. Your Allah have no integrity, changes his mind like SATAN does to fool people. Because Adam was created from dust of the earth, after we die our body become dust again by recycling thru decomposing process and our soul goes to God from where it came. Your Quran is a joke and your Allah is a joke too making our Holy God a liar. All Muslims would be burnt into Hell Fire, for believing SATANIC VERSE OF Quran as word of Holy God.

    In the Bible God says in Isaiah 40:8 "The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever." Those who believe false book must burn in Hell Fire.

  5. Because some of don’t know what is reality they thought I commented for something else I just wrote that comment to tell you and make it easier for you if you talked about me

  6. Just for you know read it like I’m naked because absolutely I am right now so
    When I was a kid I did hard explaining about Quran or work or life style or humanity I expect a reward or honor or something from my closers same as you but I got only naked all time

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