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Is I’tikaaf Limited to the Last 10 Days of Ramadhaan ?

Answer By Dr Zakir Naik,As far as beginning of I’tikaaf for the last ten days of Ramadhaan is concerned there is a difference of opinion between the scholars. One group of scholars… people like Al Awza’ee, people like At Thawari, or Imaam Al Layth (may Allah be pleased with them all), they says that Ietikaaf should begin after the Fajr Salaah, on the 21st night, based on the Hadith which is mentioned inSahih Bukhari, Vol. No. 3, in the Book of Ietikaaf, Hadith No. 2034 as well as 2041, that Hadhrat Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her) she said that,”The Prophet used to do Ietikaaf for the last ten days of Ramadhaan and I used to pitch the tent for him. And after Fajr Salaah he used to come at the place of Ietikaaf and enter the tent.So based on this Hadith that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) after offering Fajr Salaah he used to come at the place of Ietikaaf and enter the tent, these scholars they say that Ietikaaf should start after Fajr Salaah. This is a view of Shaikh Bin Baaz also, may Allah have mercy of him. When he was asked that when should Ietikaaf start, he said it should start after Fajr Salaah of the 21st day of Ramadhaan. If you want to fast in last ten days, based on the same Hadith of Hadhrat Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her). But the majority of the scholars, the other scholars including all the four Aimaas, Imaam Abu Hanifa, Imaam Malik, Imaam Shafee, Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hambal and most of the scholars they say that if you want to do Ietikaaf in the last ten days of Ramadhaan, the Ietikaaf should start before the sunset of the 21st night, because the day starts with the sunset. So because you have to do Ietikaaf in last ten days, you’ve to do Ietikaaf before sunset and they say, because the main aim, objective of Ietikaaf is to seek Lailatul Qadr and Lailatul Qadr is in the night, so if you’ve to do Ietikaaf in the last ten nights, it includes the 21st night also and since the Prophet said as we discussed yesterday that seek Lailatul Qadr on the odd nights of the last ten nights which includes the 21st night. So if you start from Fajr, you’re missing the 21st night, therefore most of the scholars agree that Ietikaaf should start before sunset of the 21st night


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