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I Investigated TikTok’s GIANT MUSLIM Undertaker

In this episode of Muslims Explored, we step into the life of Sydney’s viral TikTok sensation “The Muslim Undertaker”.

We uncover how he transformed his life around from a Pro-Bodybuilder working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, to becoming a full-time undertaker at Lakemba Mosque.

We also conduct an experiment at the end of the video to truly immerse ourselves into the realm of the Muslim Undertaker.

Read more real stories from right here in Australia of how local Zakat has transformed peoples lives, empowering generations to come

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  1. Well it's one of the best video. I was trying to figure out should i cry or should i laugh. SubhanAllah may when we all pass our soul body both should be smiling and pleased to meet our Lord and he being pleased with us by his mercy Ameenya Arhamar Rahimeen.

  2. I am a Muslim and alhamdulillah but I won't be able to go through this because I live in an non-muslim country 😢 with no muslim cemeteries available and it breaks my heart 💔😢

  3. I'm a Finnish Muslim Revert and I've struggled to pray salah consistently being new to islam but when I watched 23:48 I realized the end could be around the corner every second and I need to make things right with my Lord, because you could leave this place anytime. Last week there was a shooting in a Finnish school and one 12-year old student died and two girls were wounded. The boy was so young and he had his whole life ahead. One of the Girls are still fighting for her life in hospital. The girl is from Kosovo and most likely Muslim and the doctors say there is slim to non chance for her to survive. May Allah SWT have mercy on their souls. You never know when the time is up and after that all the deeds are closed. Alhamdulillah now I'm slowly but surely praying all the 5 prayers. To anyone reading this, always try to do good, be kind to your parents and siblings and remember your creator in every thing you do. To Him We all shall return, Amin. Allahu Akbar.

  4. Subhanallah brother
    May Allah bless you
    This video changed me to the core ,it made me cry ,i don't know the last time I had cried, I used to consider myself the dead hearted person but now I think I am changed.may Allah bless you and protect you

  5. I became very teary eyed and deeply moved after watching this realistic demonstration. Thank you for this video and for this whole idea of demonstrating it this way upon yourself. May Allah bless both of you abundantly for this. Alhamdulillah for social media for getting to watch videos like these! Also never subscribed to any channel so fast as this one!

  6. اللهم إرحم أمي وأخي وأبي وجميع أقربائي وأخوتي وأخواتي فيك وأبدلهم مكانا خيرا من الدنيا وما فيها 🥹🥹

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