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I found a HIDDEN MUSLIM Town in The Aussie Outback

OnePath Network travelled all the way over to North Queensland to meet with the Muslim Community of Mareeba.

They are a small rural community of Albanian farmers that have been here for over 100 years. Their story is nothing short of inspirational for Muslims around the world.

We uncovered how they not only were able to blend in so flawlessly into Australian culture but also the secret behind their ability to survive for so many generations.

Enjoy their story!

Read more real stories from right here in Australia of how local Zakat has transformed peoples lives, empowering generations to come:

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  1. I live just outside Perth WA. Mareeba is a beautiful town. I love FNQ. But I prefer WA. Also where tobacco farms thrive,along with sugar. Blessings to all those who watch 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Seven day Adventist are many on the Tablelands ❤

  2. Too much religion emphases. It is has been Australian custom not to talk about religion because in the past it created conflict between individuals. It is a matter of keeping the civil peace.

  3. Mate Mareeba aren't Muslim town. It has a mosque there but majority is Christian or atheists. Search up Coco kneeling island. Its a Muslim majority that's a part of Australia territorial.

  4. The people crying about their family converting to Christianity.. a religion that existed 500 years before Islam… nothing to cry about.
    There are worse things in life.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful video and story. I cried as I realized that Allah Loves these people as He kept them in Islam and made them serve and spread Islam in that remote area of Australia. May Allah Loves us all and help us worship Him and serve Islam in the best way possible. Ameen.

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