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  1. I like to watch mufthi menk sheik and doctor zakir naik s and other Islamic leaders kuthbah but I stopped watching all of their hadees because some times you dont like

  2. So I was confused and today I felt like alah wants me to give some information really I dont want to give information to society because if it is a fault statement I will get punished , but I felt allah command me to give so I was scared to disobey allah at the same time I m scared to give wrong information to society. So I was in confuse but I felt Iallah want me to give message so i was scared to dis obey so i was sending messages to azath Sally minister who talks about muslims problems

  3. When allah command me I couldnt beleaving that is true or it my imagination i was not sure about that but I felt I cant give wrong information to people so I dont know what to do. If I give wrong information without making sure allah will punish me so I was silent Really I felt I couldnt do anything because I'm was not sure. Some times I m feeling like allahs commanding me because of my depression So i couldnt come to a decision. But I felt like it's TRUE but if I tell that if it is my imagination if i give a message i will get punished be cause giving wrong information about islam to the society

  4. Before I meet you I loved Buddhist Hindus, Christian's but I felt if I get a baby Icant keep sinhala, hindu, Christian names ,so I felt like I f I get a baby girl I want to keep Marium, If I get a baby boy I want to keep ESA, but I know I will not get a baby, but I just thought. But I decided this but I'm sure I will not get baby. But before I like only muslims and islam religion only after going to work I changed I dint know why I changed something has changed me to love other religions. Sometime I feel i have changed a lot. I like other religious people than muslims, automatically i supported other religions but i have deep believe in allah and his messenger. From the child hood until today I never think to change my religion because I love allah more than anything. I will give my first preference to allah only after that only loving people I love people because to satisfied allah my most loveable person is allah I want to do whatever my allah wants me to do whatever I do i do because to satisfied allah. Allah wants to love muslims So I m loving muslims also Allah loves when i treat good non muslims i do that also i like to do what allah wants me to do I dont want to hurt allah by dis obeying him. That is the reason why chose you also. Let me full fill alas order if you like

  5. Dear sheik ,
    I want to speak frankly, When I see first time I liked you but I dont feel love because I respect you . But when I pray I felt like allah commands me to marry you. But I didnt like because i felt like cant believe but again when i pray alah command me to marry only you Alah doesn't like I getting marry to some one else. But when I se your videos you had lots of female followers I feel I cant choose you because of that because I dont like that, but If alah didnt order me I will not choose you because you have lots of female followers but allah puts me in a difficult situation he told to marry only you.If i marry someone else he will punish me. I scared to dis obey allah, but i felt difficult to love you because of your female followers, but I was disturbed I dont know wht to do. But I remarked you always. Some Time I felt like I miss you. But I feld sad and some times I felt jealousy because of your female followers. Before meeting you my heart never feel jelousy because if I see a beautiful person I know all the beautiful girls have problems so I dont feel that . But you had lots of followers sometimes you talk with them it makes me jealousy If allah didnt command me to marry Iu defenetly i will forget you because when we have doubts we cant live happy family life

  6. Sheikh I struggle with not having sabr resent I figure out I have faith I was lost for a long time and use to think when I die where em I going to go because I am not doing what Allah has send me to do walahi iblis is our enemy I was wondering this whole month how my faith and patience don’t Mach I am get the whole picture allhamdhulila to work on your self is a struggle we need

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