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  1. Pray for me because I lost all hope in this life SubhannAllah 😭 oh Allah please save me 🤲🏾 anyone please tell me something i have nothing in this life but Allah. I’m very poor born with nothing but my faith in Allah 😭 it’s hard oh Allah it’s very hard. Grant me forgiveness for what I don’t know. It’s hard to shed tears at night in supplication tonight. Tomorrow is a new day please you believers that have been favored in this life pray for me so I can find life sustenance 🤲🏾😭😭 for Allah’s all mighty sake I hug my Quran May every night oh Allah I know you will never forsake me even if my relief in not of this world oh Allah 🤲🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾😭

  2. Hello brother I am asking you a doua from you brother Muslims I am muslim and following sunna about six years and few months I am difficult and very hardship I lost my my company I had more than 20 employees all going right now I my lose one my house I still hope to ALLAH please pray for me ALLAH to save me my house and I have big family ALLAH save us ALLAH here and after

  3. Am here in Abudhabi but my visa got expired long time ago working with indian people who praise dolls as there God and they want me to praise how beautiful there God is. Subhanallah 😭 may Allah give help me and go through this. I really pray to Allah I get visa I get out of this home pse pray for me

  4. can someone please pray for me i’m going thru so much my heart has been hurting all i’m asking is for allah to keep her in my life please may allah forgive us all and send love to all our hearts amen 🙏

  5. Ya Allah, please help anybody here and in the muslim world who has striven in Your way and yet is getting more & more trial & tribulation. Don't let us despair over You. Allahumma aameeeeen.

  6. I divorced after a 20 year marriage with a muslim man, I reverted to islam with clear guidance and conviction, humdullah and thank Allah always for guiding me to avoid the hellfire. I divorced due to Adultery and after 2 years of trying to save my marriage, even the whole family gave up on him even his own father….that being said…Mufti Menk is the kind of man I'd marry in a minute 😄

  7. Who is ALLAH , Allah is moon god, I have questions how can possible that black stones can forgive your sin। , Islam,?
    God send his son Jesus , but Allah send black dead stones,
    Then comes judgment day Islam is faceing God anger,

  8. Asalaam alaiykum please prayer for me..my son is 15 years old and doesn't listen at all..he was so kind when he was 10 11 after that he so rude and doesn't care about anything..he has no respect and I'm very worried about him…I prayer and cry all the time..he doesn't like school most of time doesn't go and we getting letters about his attendance poor..also he stopped reading juma namaz and stopped reading mosque..please prayer for me and my son..if you have any duas for me to read please give me…I also have 3 daughters alhamdulillah they are good just my son gives me trouble..all day stay in his room…eats sleep everything..doesn't sit with us nothing please I need ur prayers for us…jzk Allah may Allah swt accept your duas ameen

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