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  1. Absolutely loved it . I want to hear the other version where you are advising the women as well. I strive to become a good wife and I am open to educate myself on that!

  2. He abused me allowed his friends to direspect me and insult me .he enjoyed embarassing me and saying bad stuff to me all the time and he starved me even when I was pregnant. He direspect my family and doesn’t listen to any advice from anyone we have sat down several times but it still wouldn’t work . When he is out he pretends to be good but when are in our home he changes .Iam divorcing him he says he hates women and I have seen the way he talks to women and men is deferent

  3. Brother is the early days mother /father – parents was the importance now all I see is wife’s — women will be the army of dajjal be very careful brothers who you choose as your spouse

  4. When you are new in the relationship, everything works well but when you start living together, the true personality will reveal. There are some attitudes or personality that is acceptable because as a human, It is impossible for us not to have a bad side, but there are some attitudes or personality that is not acceptable and should be stop.

    I discover that my husband was arrogant, manipulative when he stay in my house here in my country. He do Salah 5 times but It is useless as he is rude, talk rubbish about my own country, bully me, make fun with me.

    Now, I am happy that he go back to his country. But I quickly changed my attitude towards him. I want him to teach a lesson and he was surprised that I a become straighy forward about him and tell how I lose interest to him.

    I decided without his apporoval that we will not live together. Forget having a child and me transfer and live to his country.

    In my own country, I can see how he treat me bad so no reason for me to live in his home. And he told me, If I live with him, I will be kadama to him and he give me little money since he will provide my food and everything. This is a red flag to me.

    As a wife, I know my responsiblity to my husband but to tell me that I will be a kadama to him, sorry. I have my pride. I am a woman, I can work hard and pay for kadama to do the house chores. I can serve him and help him in his house chores but labeling me as kadama is not acceptable.

    I am not the kind of woman who allow man to abuse me and he is not worth it also. He dont want me to work and just stay as plain house wife.

    No.. no. And for me I rather work than spending my time to him in the house as I will just feel stress because of his attitude.

    I realize I am not a marrying type also. I cannot live in the marriage If I have a man who behave like this.

  5. This is a very nice bayan this is relating to my every way that you said Mr. Mufti menk and my wife is beautiful and she's everything is good except she don't much care me as she said she care me she don't listen to (note – not in a harsh way but sometimes I might get very angry) me but she said she is listening to me. How can I handle this part? And if I tell something I have to continue each and everyday to her she kept forgetting and her priority is office work.and when she was on a call with anyone she only admitted to that damn call so forget everything around her please help me how to solve this matter……
    I'm a person very loveble and know how to care my private things are perfect in everyway so need a help before I get divorced thanks….and dwah team I need a answer from mufti menk please reply thanks

  6. For girls these days if you find a humble husband then please don't show your arrogance towards him. Don't reminds him his mistakes again n again. If one tries to improve himself then try ignoring his mistakes. Compromise, be patient try to cooperate to live happily. Try to initiate conversation sometimes by yourself.

  7. with respect i wanna say if a wife says very dirty words to his husband,his mother, his sister …what should he have to do..and dont wont his husband to be in relation with his mother, sister….what should he do?

  8. Why is it ALWAYS one sided, l dont know a man alive that would deny the opportunity to be close to his wife esp if shes made up and what deny that for weeks NEVER.

    Its the other way round, husband waits and waits because shes tired or shes got to get up early. Then 6 weeks go by and ok u can hv sm time with me, looking like a tramp, no effort in appearance.

    All l see and hear is men simping for women, defending the women when 90% of the woes in the household are caused by women.

    I know plenty of men that work hard and help at home but are treated with contempt by the wives.

    I dont get what mufti is saying.

    You cant go to a wedding, birthday, Eid or even a funeral without women causing trouble then the husbands have to hear the backbiting on the journey home about she looks like this or she said this etc. Brothers having to talk to each other because his wife said this and bla bla bla.

    Whenever im with men at a wedding party Eid funerals, all the men are happy courteous laughing kind and chilled, and much much more interesting than the womens room…

    All most women do is back bite two face and cause friction, their always judging others esp women but refuse to look at themselves.


  9. It has not been one month of my engagement my fiance blocked me twice and talks to me whenever he wants I don't know what to do except crying for the mistake I have not even done please pray for my peace.

  10. I can't continue in my abusive marriage anymore. I'm done with all the control the mental emotional verbal physical abuse from him. There is no love no compassion no Mercy nothing except abuse from him.
    And when u tell him that the way he's going the tears the pain and suffering he puts me in he doesn't give a monkeys about what punishment he will suffer. I feel shaytan has a hold on him when I'm explaining that he needs to stop and change shaytan makes him cut the call and he smiles Everytime as if shaytan finds it amusing. And he calls himself a practising Muslim he's cut off majority of his beard making styles on his moustache because he knows I don't like it. And has no respect nothing whatsoever. Ya Allah ya Raheem grant me Sabr Aameen

  11. I can't agree with this my wife is an evil product of this world. 5 years she has been torturing me and messing with my head yet or belittling me in front of my kids. I still try for the sake of Allah SWT and have hope. but now I am starting to lose focus and my health is being affected. Her family know and don't care they make me feel guilty bcz they say I have kids and should still stay with her. What should I do. I don't want to become a bad person. I've tried to follow the sunna of the prophet and she laughs at me. Please can someone guide me.

  12. My wife is always irritable towards me , i try my best to make her happy.. but i still cant seem to find the root cause , i never forced her to cook for me. i bought food for myself..i make my own coffee before Going to work . I wish someone can give me guidance

  13. Very true and shaitan plays a very good role to destroy it .for example your first marriage shaitan will put in your brain negative of husband to wife and wife to husband shaitan put in our brain he or she don't listen to you or don't look after you, etc. We have to be very vigilant and to break this shitan was wasa we always have to think that she is right I am wrong and woman should think I am wrong he is right, as it's said by prophet PBUH that when you sleep forgive everyone .
    If you are married to 2nd time shaitan will bring negative of 2nd wife and positive of first wife same goes to woman about 2nd husband. For example in case of 2nd wife shaitan will say about her that look your previous wife was better she was at least asking you for tea when come home, the 2nd wife don't even know how to cock tea and lots of other things and when wife is married 2nd husband shaitan says look your previous one was better he yoused to make everything at home by himself the new husband is playing games all the time and can not do anything.
    We should remember what Islam tell us that once you are devoced from the first wife and married new one so forget about previous one look after new one .
    The way I try to help myself when confronting shaitan I remember that to respect others and make your self in negative them in positive .i respect elders because he has more good deeds then me and when I look at the people younger then me I say he or she has less sin then I have.
    Husband thinking wrong about husband can not control I will think in any way she is made from my rib bone and it's bend so it's not her it's me how is the problem maker.for wife I will suggest you always remember that prophet PBUH said to wife's that of there was a sajdah after Allah I will tell the wife to make it for husband .
    BE vigilant keep me in you duas jazakallah

  14. The title of this video and the message in the video are two completely different things and contradict with eachother.

    The title claims to talk about an abusive spouse.
    The video talks about Prophet Muhammad PBUH and how he was kind to his wives.

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