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How To Forgive And Forget When Someone Hurts You ᴴᴰ ┇Mufti Menk┇ Dawah Team

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  1. I never forget nor forgive anyone that harmed me. Everything they did broke my hurt & destroyed my soul. How can I do that when I’m miserable & they live their happy life. Sad but true

  2. It depends on other person. If the person who hurt me is sincere and try to develop our relation of course I can totally forgive and forget everything. Because I am also not perfect. But if the person says only sorry and does nothing, then the relationship could not be as before, then I could not forget or I can forgive and forget but maybe I could not be the same person as before toward him/her. And it is not about grudge, it is just hurting someones heart therefor a person can not forget too.

  3. Maa shaa Allah For the Remainder,,,and
    Jazaakallaahu khairan for the Enlightening Advice,,
    May Allah Bless us good in dunia n akhera n protect us from Naaru Jahannam,,,amin amin,,

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