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How to Convince an Atheist that the Quran is the Word of God – Method 1: There is No god but …

How to Convince an Atheist that the Quran is the Word of God – Method 1: There is No god but … – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Fraud! and Nonsense!

    The Bible/Torah/Koran books were not handed to mankind by any gods,

    nor were they dictated to human stenographers by any gods,

    all written by men…!

    The Olden Testes Bible/Torah were just fables from the Stone Ages by oral tradition..

    the Bible, a book of fables, was VOTED on by a group of men after the 4th century;

    the Koran was just the copied and demented dogma of a selfish and petty violent despot….

    There are no gods!

    [btw – any objections to these historical facts must be accompanied with evidence

    to prove the existence

    of any gods or allahahas claimed]

  2. That Mohamad person simply created his new religion,

    by copying parts that he liked, and could 'use'

    from all the other fake local religions, including xtianity….

    He used the same method as Constantine had done,

    with Christianity,

    for his purpose of conquest,

    and to control the peoples of his conquests.

    This Mohamad was simply a petty dictator….!

    [btw – any objections to this historical fact must be accompanied with evidence

    to prove the existence

    of any god or allahaha claimed]

  3. Such a lack of respect. Muslims should stop trying to shove their beliefs down our throats. We don't believe what you belief and yet you must force us to do so? Stay out of the West if you can't respect that not everyone believes in the same things.. animals..

  4. 5:45 Actually I would say that Ayat Al-Kursi is the best verse to give the definition of Allah. Most of you know that it is the most greatest verse in Quran, but many of you don't know why. It is because it gives the full definition of Allah. Though I don't say that Surah Al Ikhlas is not right, and I might be even wrong about my information.

  5. This is a some really poor reasoning. Speaking as an atheist, it's not for me to define the thing a theist believes in. Otherwise with that logic I am going to ask theists to define a "ThoblyBob" – a mysterious creature I just made up.

    If you want atheists to believe in the things you do, YOU have to define what it is you believe in, and then you need to show it exists. And then I will tell you whether I believe in the thing you are trying to claim exists.

    If you can't show the thing you've defined exists, my lack of belief in your definition is fully justified.

  6. Kinda funny he talks about womens rights in islam and then the camera zoomes out and you see all men in front and all the women in the back…yea you have rights in islam, the right to sit in the back

  7. Firstly, this is about proving Osho is not God, not proving Quran,
    Secondly, you are using Quran as a PROVEN FACT to prove an atheist something, don't you think the basic of your argument is wrong?!

  8. Philippians 2:10-11 NKJV

    that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  9. 2:50 I agree. I cannot say that this book isn't a pen unless I have a definition of pen.
    4:00 Atheists don't usually say that there is no God… If an atheist says there is no God, then he has a definition of God, and he's saying that this definition doesn't match anything in reality.

    I'm supposed to be convinced now?

  10. Quran is NOT the word of a God, but a word written by mankind therefore created by such. Religion regardless if you’re a Muslim, Catholic, Christian or whatever, ALL religions were and have been created by mankind. In order to believe in a higher source one does NOT need to be linked to a religious ideal. Interesting the Muslim religion considers females inferior and are treated quite differently than men are, some are not even allowed to have the basic liberties of human existence. Sadly, and unquestionably religion is a plagued that destroys peace, harmony and love for the human species.

  11. The reason I congratulate athiest is that he is thinking and coming from a religious background that he may not agree with the parents believe.But first you must know the definition of God. Example a pen you must know it's defination than knowing it's purpose.THERE IS NO GOD worthy of worship but KING OF MANKIND and there's nothing like him. islam believes that.

  12. @ShadowX99


„Now i want an ans that how did we get a brain?“
    That is a pretty big question…that would need a lot of time…but the short version is:
    It evolved. Mostly because we are all from a small population that was faced with different challenges
    than others of their kind after their area (East African valley) changed.
    Our environment now benefitted different mutations than those of our buddies elsewhere…and some of this mutation are intelligence enhancing. We have to understand that intelligence is just ONE solution…for the same problem…and it evolved in very different animals and in very different rates. But someone HAS to be the best…and in that case its us…which is not surprising because we came from animals that were already relatively intelligent.
    So we did not start without a brain…and all we have to do is make it a bit larger and more effective.

    „How did we create internet because dinosaurs were the king of the earth before us they didnt even built a thing.“
    Why should they?
    Intelligence is just one of many many many solutions for the same problem: How do I get my food. How do I not become food for others. How do I find a partner and how do I raise my offspring. There are literally Million of ways to achieve that…and ours is intelligence. There is no necessity of intelligence the same way there is no necessity of claws or wings or poison.
    Evolution is an open process….but many things did evolve multiple eyes, flight, gils, etc. so there ARE some classics.
    Intelligence is one of them. It developed multiple times in different species…from birds to Octopus to mammals. And as i said…someone has to be the best at it.

    „So how we humans did it? And how did we built a car?“
    Using tools is a thing we see not that often in the animal kingdom but it is not unique to humans. We were lucky to have two important things at once. Brains..and Hands who enhanced each other. One major reason for our intelligence might be that we walk upright. That means that our front legs have WAY more time to do stuff, and that we benefit from mutations who make them better at doing stuff. Simultaneously the more we can do with our hands the bigger are advantages for mutations that increase the brain. Wether or not a mutation is beneficial for our survival or not (which decide wether or not it spreads) is decided by the circumstances…and circumstances change.
    So lets say we have an ape-like being and a hippo. Both have a mutation that make them slightly smarter than their peers.
    For the Hippo…that doesn’t mean much. For the ape-like being it means that it can use tools more effectively than his peers..and can gain a higher social rank in the group because he can understand social dynamics.
    So….our Hippo is not more succesful than other Hippos…but our Ape-like being is…which is why he is more succesful
    to spread his genes. So in the next generation we have more smartasses further benefitting from intelligence enhancing mutations. And so on and so on….and over time we have a population thats really smart.
    To make another example. Lets say I’am an animal who lives in the desert and thanks to a mutation I drink slightly more water than others. GREAT for my survival chances! But lets say I live in an area where there is enough water…than that wouldn’t be useful and my survival chances are basically the same…which is why mutation doesn’t spread in the population. But it DOES spread in the population of the animals who live in the desert…so the hotter an area becomes the more beneficial are features that help you against the heat…which is why those features spread.

    „Of course a car has a creator or did the car made itself?“
    No it didn’t…because it is a biological thing. It doesn’t replicate or mutates…and we have absolutely no explanation how a car could evolve on its own. But that is not the case for lifeforms.
    And a car only has what a car needs to be a car…or what is useful…thats why we can assume it was designed…life forms have loads of junk DNA that completely worthless for it…which rather looks like it was a natural process that doesn’t care much about efficiency. Also…most changes made to cars are somehow useful..and follow the wishes of consumers. Most changes made in life forms are horrible and make them less functional or totally pointless. Only a VERY small percentage of mutations is beneficial…which either points to a random process or a really untalented or cruel designer.

    „And why did u say jimns dont prove god there is a complete "sura" about jinms in the quran-Al-Jinn „

    First of all..there is no good reason to believe in Jinns in my opinion. So if the Quran mentions them…it doesn’t make it look good..the same way that Christians usually try to hide that their magic book mentions Unicorns.
    But for the sake of the argument lets assume that Jinns are a proven fact.
    So….how does that make a story about them true? 
If I told you Jellyfish came here through a dark portal Dimension X….does the existence of Jellyfish also prove the existence of the dark portal or Dimension X? Of course not.
    The Quran spents A LOT of time with making claims and claiming that it is true…but it doesn’t spent a lot of time in proving its claims or making the necessary connections…which, as a critical reader, makes me very suspicious…and it makes me even more suspicious that we are not encouraged to ask for evidence and that those who don’t agree with the book for whatever reason are constantly belittled. But I get that if you read the entire book over and over again…those things start to become Mantras and you start to accept as truth whatever the books says.
    But thats not good literature thats good manipulation tactics.
    Next time you read the Quran I want you to just count the adjectives used for non-believers or critics.
    And I’am not going to argue wether or not they are true or not..but what EFFECT they have.
    So…if I wrote a book about my favorite movie „The Great Dictator“ and constantly accused those who don’t like the movie to be „ignorant“ or „not knowledgable about movie history“ or „sympathizers of the Nazi-Regime“ or „not smart enough to appricate a movie with little dialouge“ or „too young to understand“ or „not educated enough to understand the background“ IS it possible that people would agree with me NOT because I convinced them with arguments….but because they don’t want to be associated with those negative things?

    „that humans are created from the earth and jinn from smokeless fire.“


    „And We made from water every living thing.“

    So…I try to respond to the whole miracles of the Quran thing later…and for the record I prefer appreciate that logic…because it makes more sense to look at science and than try to find it in your holy book than the other way around.

  13. @ShadowX99

    Thanks for taking the time to make such a detailed answer.
    Never thought a comment about ghosts being real could lead to this. I think it deserves a detailed reply.
    Please allow me to focus on the first part…since I have limited time…but I will reply to your second „Science in the quran“ part as well. But I noticed that you are using typical evolution denial arguments in your first part but state that evolution is basically foretold in the Quran in the second…and since I’ve seen the same list of miracles quiet often…I have to ask if that is YOUR opinion or if this part is more or less copied from some Islam-apologist side?
    I’am not blaming you for copying…thats fine…but I want to know what YOUR opinion about evolution is…and I’am a bit confused.

    So…what do you mean by „formed“ do you mean how humans as a species evovled or how the individual body is growing in a womb?

    But that they can’t explain it doesn’t mean that I can replace a lack of explanation with „god did it“…because the funny thing about the things we CAN explain is that we never found some supernatural explanation to be true or necessary.
    So if we had that discussion 1500 years ago…you could make the same argument about rain, or diseases or how birds fly….and I wouldn’t be able to explain to you how it works…and you could easily claim that a god is responsible for that.
    BUT ….if we go a little in the future we were able to clear those questions up…and BECAUSE of that we were able to built flying machines, heal diseases,
    So….I tend to believe the explanation that is more helpful. Can I have an effect on things based on the believe that they are controlled by god? Since praying is the least effective way to do anything….NO at least not on a consistent level. But if we understand the natural laws behind it, wen can CAN have an actual effect…which is why we should be searching for natural explanations and basically ignore the supernatural ones.

    And about the god of the gaps thing…let me try to make an example here:
    If you are like me you know nothing about computers and a lot of things that happen are just big mysteries.
    Why does he says there is no printer connected? Why can’t he find the side I visited before? Why are the loading times longer?
    And don’t even get me started about Youtube Algorithms.
    So in short…I do NOT understand my computer…and there is no chance I ever will. He just does a lot of crazy stuff…and that is very frustrating. So…what somebody came along and explained ALL the things I did not understood with a Superpower AI named Bob. Bob is all over the internet…Bob was written before the Internet, Bob is in every PC, Bob controls all kind of Interactions, bob is so intelligent that I can’t possibly understand his actions. So..if everything my PC or a computer program does is linked to Bob everything makes sense now. And people start to tell me what pleases Bob and what doesn’t…and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t…but I don’t blame Bob, if it doesn’t work it was just me not pleasing Bob enough…and thats why I didn’t get my notifications in time or why my comment was deleted or why I can’t find that video anymore.
    So….would you say that me not understanding stuff proofs the existence of Bob…and that the ONLY good reason to NOT believe in Bob would be to fully understand everything that my computer or a program does?
    I don’t think so.
    So open questions don’t proof god in my opinion.

  14. Lets see how his argumentation works on a life-long atheist.

    I would agree with his first point. An Atheists and a believer DO usually agree about 1000 of gods being real….but atheists take it one god further.
    What believers seem to forget is that whatever arguments they use against the existence of other gods…can usually also be used against their god.

    So to get that straight…in order to NOT believe in something I have to define it?
    Okay…so everyone who can't probably define what an Orc is is now obviously an orc believer.

    Just for the record…a god that eats and is mortal makes as much sense as a god that doesn't eat and is immortal…maybe even a bit more…because being able to exist and do things without consuming energy is not something we see in nature. I don't know why he thinks a god is more believable if you give him more powers.

    Okay…lets say everything he says about his religion is true…than that still wouldn't make god true. Its not that I don't like Islam or Christianity or buddhism…its that the arguments of it are not convincing. But…to be clear…if you claim that your religion is from god…and I see some who have that religion ungodly things…or see bad things happen to those who worship god…than that DOES cause doubt. Here is how you can solve that. Proof to me that god actively protects people who worship him and that you can see that in statistics…which would be unexplainable without a god.
    So for example if only muslims would be miraculously healed that would be a great point…but that is not the case…which indicates that the healing is not because of your particular god but because of the placebo effect. THAT would explain why people of different religions and no religions experience the same healing effects.
    Also…one hint for the camera man: Dude…if he speaks about woman right..DON'T film an audience who are almost all man…where all the woman have to sit in the back…that isn't helping his point.

    If gods goal is that people are mercyful…and god is perfect than he should be a perfect communicator…that means if he delivers a message…not most of the people or a whole bunch of them should get it wrong…or be able to use it. But the way the Quran (and other holy books) are formulated is an invitation to misinterpret and use it to abuse and oppress people. There are even plenty of mechanism (like don't question religious authorities…or relatives of religious authorities are supposed to rule…or pelnty of examples of killing or oppressing people) who are very very likely to be abused. So if a teacher talks about healthy food and asks his students to bring some the next day and a significant portion of the class brings candy cotton and chocolate bars….and claims that THAT was the healthy food the teacher wanted them to bring…we wouldn't call that speech about healthy food a great speech wouldn't we?
    And we should keep in mind that god (in Abrahamic lore) is not inactive…so if someone gets his religion wrong..he can tell him and set things right so his ideas are not being misunderstood.
    So there is no excuse a religion who claims to be "misunderstood" by so many of its members.
    I'am not an expert in early muslim history…but as far as I know…even after Mohammeds death…the people couldn't agree what exactly he meant…and got in a fight over it…and that fight is still going on in some regions of the world. So your god was REALLY REALLY bad at delivering his message with precision. But all of that can easily be explained if no god wrote a holy book but ordinary humans…who CAN be misunderstood and are not there to set things right after their death.

    So lets accept the muslim religion for a god. That is your definition of your god…fine…so ….when exactly comes the part where you proof to us that a creature that fits that definition exists?

    I just realized how that works….he just makes a claim..and than he starts talking, (shut out to the guy at 2:50 who realizes that he is going to meander towards nowhere again..and rat her checks his phone) he says some funny things and tells stories and before you know it you completely forget what the lecture is about….and because most of his audience is already muslims that doesn't matter…but my problem with that is if a muslim watches that who genuinely wants to convince atheists…he is NOT given any useful tools. So….if you are a muslim apologist…maybe find a different guy to get advice from.
    But to be fair…that doesn't seems to be the entire lecture so maybe he is bringing his A game later…I really start to doubt if the camera man is on his side.
    Maybe he is a secret atheist?

  15. নাস্তিকরা ত চোর, আর পৃথিবীর কোন ধর্মই চোরদের সমর্থন করে না, এবং একমাত্র ইসলাম ধর্মেই চোরদের হাত কেটে দেওয়ার বিধান থাকায়, এ চোররা ইসলাম ধর্ম মিথ্যা প্রমানে ব্যস্ত।
    Atheists (Nastic) are thieves. Any religion don't support thieves.
    Provision of Islam religion, cut off the hands of thieves, for this reason this thieves are busy proving Islam religion false.

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