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How THIS MONTH will change the Muslims | Sh. Majed Mahmoud

We sit with Shaykh Majed Mahmoud to discuss the greatest days of the year, Dhull Hijjah, the significance of Prophet Ibrahim in this month, and their connection to Palestine.

00:00 – Introduction
02:37 – Why are the first 10 days the best ?
07:33 – What is the Hajj pilgrimage?
10:56 – What makes the Hajj so life changing?
14:31 – The significance of the day of Arafat
18:34 – A memorable Hajj story
21:48 – The significance of Prophet Ibrahim to the Hajj
25:07 – Contentions surrounding the sacrifice of Ismael
32:02 – How can these stories uplift the suffering in Palestine?
36:44 – A final message to Muslims in these trying times

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  1. Subhan Allah 🌹
    Sheikh Majeed
    One of my Fav Speakers

    Jazakhum Allahu Khairun
    One Path for this opportunity
    Al hamdullilah
    May Your whole team be rewarded 🤲🏻🌷

  2. Making rules as they go along. Time to wake up and repent .
    There is only one way to eternal life..through the Lord Jesus Christ who died on a cross 2000 years ago and shed Is life that we (all mankind) may have eternal life with Father God in Heaven. There is no other way. Your idols can not save you. Mohamad cannot save you. Your big black box at mecca cannot save you..your imam and their lies cannot save you..jihad cannot save you. Only the pure love of Gods only Son Jesus can save you. We are all sinners and need Gods forgiveness. Wake up u sinners and repent and stop lying to the public.

  3. 4:11 This is nonsesneical, took from the "loins" what? This sounds like one of the israyliyyat, and besides, this is clearly a tafisr for Surah Al-A'raf Aya 172, and it is nonsenseical at that, because it was referring specifically to banu Yisraeyl and for their transgression.

  4. Holy Quran 3:169

    169 “Never think of those martyred in the cause of Allah as dead. In fact, they are alive with their Lord, well provided for.”

    May Allah continue to have MERCY on us, continue to PROTECT us, continue to FORGIVE us, continue to GUIDE us, and continue to BLESS us.

  5. To know how Islamic justice will be practiced when they take over as they do today in Saudi Arabia. Then read this to know Islam before defending what you don’t understand about.

    justifies A Saudi swordsman speaking
    Muhammad Saad Al-Bishi, the chief Saudi swordsman
    Al-Bishi says he will implement “God’s punishment” without hesitation (Photo courtesy of Arab News)
    Saudi Arabia's chief swordsman said he was "proud to carry out God's punishment" and did not feel any remorse for cutting the throats of so many people.
    Muhammad Saad Al-Bishi, 42 years old, explained in a rare interview with the Saudi daily Arab News that he executed many women and men alike.
    Al-Bishi said: “Although I oppose violence against women, I do not hesitate to implement the divine will.”
    He added that he did not care how many times he beheaded the people he ordered executed.
    The same newspaper quoted him as saying: “It makes no difference to me whether I kill two or fourteen, as long as I am carrying out God’s command, and I do not care about the number of people I execute.”
    The Sharia laws applied by Saudi Arabia stipulate that the death penalty can be imposed on a murderer, rapist, apostate, and anyone who commits armed robbery, drug smuggling, and repeated drug use.
    The Saudi authorities announce executions on a regular basis, which is condemned by Western human rights organizations.
    Choosing death
    Al-Bishi said that he sometimes shot women in accordance with the Sharia laws followed in his country.
    He said: "It depends on what I am asked to do. Sometimes I am asked to use a sword and other times a pistol. But most of the time I use the sword."
    Al-Bishi added that his work in a prison in the city of Taif, where he had to put handcuffs on prisoners sentenced to death and blindfold them, had made him accustomed to this.
    He said that in 1998, when the first death sentence was carried out in the city of Jeddah, he felt worried because large numbers of people were watching the scene, explaining that he no longer felt that “confusion.”
    He described the first operation he carried out, saying: “The criminal was handcuffed and blindfolded. With a single sword blow, his head was separated from his body, then he rolled for several meters.”
    He went on to talk about his experiences: “There are many people who lose consciousness when they watch the execution. I don’t know why they come and watch if they can’t bear to see it.”
    He added in his interview with (Arab News) newspaper: “No one is afraid of me. I have many relatives and friends in the mosque, and I live a normal life like other people. There is nothing that disturbs the peace of my social life.”
    Saif Muhannad
    Al-Bishi, a father of seven children, feels proud that the authorities gave him a well-made sword that he never stops sharpening, and his children even help him with it sometimes.
    Regarding his sword, Al-Bishi says: “People feel amazed when they see the speed with which the head is separated from the body.”
    Before the death sentence is carried out, Al-Bishi visits the victim’s relatives to ask him for forgiveness, which may save the convict’s life.
    “That hope never leaves me until the last minute. I also pray to God to grant the criminal a new life.”
    As soon as the swordsman advances towards the place of execution, the only word he says to the condemned man is not to forget to pronounce the Shahada.
    Regarding this, Al-Bishi says: “When they reach the execution field, their strength fails. Then they recite the text of the execution, and with one gesture I cut off the prisoner’s head.”
    Al-Bishi is currently training others to carry out this harsh task. He is proud that his son was chosen to be a swordsman.
    The training focuses on how to handle the sword and direct the sharp side of it. He also sometimes amputates limbs.
    In this case, he says he often uses a sharp knife, not a sword. This process includes "cutting off the hand at the joint. If it is a man, the authorities determine the place from which the amputation must be made, and I carry it out."

  6. they ethnic cleansing Arabs and the Arabs world ignoring the fact and making an excuse for other muslims. your own Arab people need help FIRST!!!! why Arab is begging westerns for help and aid wtf is wrong with you Arabs and not asking the other muslim world for help and aid? oh wait did Arabs had to do anything with Palestines getting slaughtered by Israels JEWISH zionists?

  7. Jazakumullaahu khair One Path team and Sheikh Majeed. barakallaahu feekum.

    the tougher the test, the bigger the reward.
    Trust Allaah SWT.
    Our brothers and sisters in Palestine are in the fire now just like how our Prophet Ibraheem AS was in the fire…may Allaah honour you all in Jannah with the highest reward for teaching us about patience, perseverance and sacrifice. barakallaahu feekum

    alhamdulillaah as Sheikh mentioned, now we appreciate better the existence of jannah and jahanam.

  8. Subhallah this video came on the perfect time for Dur hijah. I was so moved by the level of the knowledge and the clear and logical explanation Sheikh Majid delivered this topic, it literally made me more motivated to take Dur Hijah more serious than ever! May Allah bless you brothers for making this powerful video to support us. I cried the entire way driving, rushing home to just to pray because of his words that inspired me. TabarakAllah! ❤

  9. The brother made a big big blunder ‼️. He misunderstood the hadith.
    For jihad is better that a worshipper who worships ALLÅH in masjid al-haram for 70 years non stop while fasting non stop.
    It is inconceivable that someone fasting in the 10 days is better than the one in jihad outside those 10 days.
    2nd , one compare the likes for likes.
    Jihad in those 10 days surpasses any other deeds in those 10 days.
    Outside those 10 days the one who dies in jihad bypasses the torment of the grave and goes straight to Jannah , his soul indue a green bird , under the ‘Arsh of ALLÅH and will be an intercessor to 70 members of his extended family ‼️
    No action during those 10 days can best than except jihad fi sabeel li-LLahi in those 10 days ‼️

    So the brother is making a big mistake.

    Hence the reason ummah is coward , humiliated and live in total hypocrisy‼️
    Why ⁉️
    Because we live to hold the tail of the cow and we have “al-Wagner” (the love of this Dunia and the hate of Death ).

    I am the first guilty of it , and I ask ALLÅH to reward me at least to speak of this great truth.

    How many times our beloved Prophet ask refuge from ALLÅH from cowardice (jubn)⁉️ Great Hikmah ‼️

    Otherwise for the rest of his speech , the brother did very well. 👌🏻

  10. My parents are performing hajj this year. Please everyone pray for them and all the people making hajj. And please pray for our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

  11. Brothers in islam there is suffering in many places even in the west people who live on social benefits that pay 39 pounds a week for all of your needs the majority of indigenous white people live like this in places like Birmingham London Manchester people are hungry Muslims invite a white non Muslim to dinner for the sake of Allah. Everyone The prophets of God like Jesus and Muhammad had a lot less than modern people. If God loves someone God gives that person trails and tribulations and poverty in this life with the aim of purification of the soul! Muslims invite your white neighbours for iftar in these blessed days of dul hijjah! If Allah guides one person by your hands its worth to you more than all the wealth of this world!

  12. Zikr For 10 days of
    Dhul Hijjah 👇🏿

    Subhan Allah
    La ilaha illallah
    Allahu Akbar
    La Hawla wala Quatta illa Billah

    Subhan Allahi wa bi Hamdihi
    Subhan Allahil Azim

    Astagfirullaha wa aatubu ilayhi
    Rabbighfirli wa tub alayya innaka antat tawwabur rahim

    Sall Allahu alayhi was sallam

    Allahumma Salli wa Sallam alaa Nabiyyinaa Muhammad (SA(

    Laa 'ilaaha illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa Huwa 'alaa kulli shay'in qadeer

    Do as much as you can
    Minimum 100 times each

    "Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest" [ar-Ra'd :28]

    Also copy & share with others

  13. Earn High Rewards in
    10 Days of Dhul Hijjah 👇🏿

    1:Recite Abundant Takbeer (Zikr)
    2:Fast The First 9 Days (Especially Arafah)
    3:Pray All Of Your Prayers On Time
    4:Don't Sin
    5: Increase All Sunah Prayers
    6:Seek a lot Of Forgiveness
    7:Recite Abundent Salawat
    8:Perform Extra Good Deeds
    9:Eid sacrifice (Qurbani)
    10:Eid-ul-Adha prayer
    11: Lower Your Gaze
    12:Study & Learn Islamic Knowledge
    13:No Arguing Or Fighting & Avoid Sins
    14: Recite & Learn The Glorious Qur'aan
    15: No Smoking Try Quitting For Good
    16: No Swearing & Lying Backbiting
    17: Make Lots Of Duaa
    18: Don't Waste Time On Useless Activities
    19:Give In Charity Help The Poor &
    20:Do Not listen To Music
    21:Do Lots Of Dhikr

    Keep your tounge moist with remembrance of allah

    Some Dhikr:
    Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi Subhanallahil Azeem
    Allahu Akbar
    La illaha ilallah
    Throughout Day Do Dhikr
    During Driving,Riding,Walking,Running,Working
    no matter what are you doing remember allah.

    Also Make Dua's
    Allahuma inni as'aluka jannah
    Allahuma ajirni Min'an Naar
    Allahumma inni as'aluka husnal khatimah

    Also Copy & Share With Others

  14. If only our ZIONIST Munafiq Arab leaders understand and wct upon the deen uniting the ummah. Hasbi Allah Wa Ni-Am Al Wakil free Palestine once and for all Ameen Sumameen ya Rabulalamin 📿🤲🕌

  15. Sheikh Majid! Please bring him more often. TabaarakAllah very beautiful delivery style. So relatable yet deeply moving and powerful. In tears subhan Allah ! What powerful lessons

  16. Elhamdülillah inşallah soon Palestine Gaza families will be free and all Muslims around the world, Selam to all good people who support Palestine Gaza families ❤. Selâm one path ❤

  17. Its funny when we say I hope everyone can.go , when you know that yearly there are 2million people. We are with 2 billion so you need a 1000 years only to accomadate this Ummah, so no almost nobody goes only the rich will go

  18. AlhamduliAllah I am a Muslim ❤ may Allah make it easy on us and allow us to do as many good deeds as we can during this 10 days and beyond…may Allah accepts all our good deeds and call us only when Allah is pleased with us…may Allah grant victory to all the oppressed… Ameen

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