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Hijabi Senator BLASTED for Supporting Muslim Studio!

Senator Fatima Payman has been slammed in Australian media for previous donations she has made to OnePath Network.

This comes in light of her exile and alienation from the Labor Party after she crossed the floor to support a Green’s motion in recognition of Palestinian statehood, in defiance of the Labor Party!

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  1. When western people say "respect women,equality for women" but right now…

    They not respect and give an equal to muslimah women that support other Muslim (studio)…

    Double standart…

  2. The Zionist lobby which is controlling the whole western governments with fear needs to stop. All of Us in Australia including Muslims and our other deserves communities need to get to gather and see how we are a powerful voting force as voting is compulsory in Australia. The Xinjiang in China propaganda is a 100% Lie all Australian Muslims with a passport can freely go there and see for them Selfs as China has a Visa free 15day for Australian Passport Holders. Done it and know the Western media is lying..

  3. VW group which owns Porsche, Bently, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Audi, Skoda and others make 55% of their profit from the Chinese market, remember every 3rd new car sold on the planet is in China. The Chinese cars in 2024 of which there are 300 plus car brands make amazing cars, my personal daily driver which I have had for 5years now has had 0 problems and still solid yet my Mercedes E53 AMG that I purchased 1 months earlier in the past 5years has been back for repairs 7 times already even though my Chinese MG HS has done 163,000kms and my Mercedes only has 26,000kms.

  4. There is no God. There is no Allah. There is NO freedom for women or minorities in ANY Moslem country..What genocide is she standing against? Sudan? Congo? Nigeria? Syria? Iraq? Yemen? Rohingya? Xinjiang….There is no genocide in Gaza, stop lying.

  5. So all of you who think that they love to empower Muslim women should think again!!!
    They love it when the same woman play by their tune. As soon as they go against owners and rulers you are done. But don’t despair! They only show how fake and selective all of the “rights” are.
    And its fantastic that small state in ME made them show how hypocritical and fake all of it was

  6. I'm an Australian and I don't like this Payman woman. My country should deport her for inciting trouble. This is what happens when government keep inviting Muslims to my country. They radicalise things

  7. This innocuous and harmless donation turned into a big news event by Western and corporate media shows the toxicity and the deep resources they have to use it as a smear campaign and to the extent being in the Zionists pockets.

  8. I dislike Samantha Maiden and her gutter journalism. However, your company’s comments on homosexuality are full of misinformation and intolerance. It doesn’t matter that billions of Muslims believe the same just as it doesn’t matter that Catholicism considers homosexuality as a sin. In the 21st century it is intolerance. For someone like Payman to be financially supporting these views does not speak well for her supposed progressive Labor values. The Labor Part is better off without her. She should resign her seat in the Senate if she is the person of integrity she claims. But of course she hasn’t. She only got 1681 votes which put her in 11th position for 6 WA seats. She only got the seat because she was 3rd on the Labor ticket. I think the Labor rule that you can’t cross the floor is an outdated idea and they should have got rid of it long ago. However, Payman knew the rules when the joined the Party and when she ran for the Senate. The penalty for crossing the floor is expulsion from the Party but they didn’t do that. She backed them into a corner in her Insiders interview..not the other way round. You might like to ask her why she met with Glen Drury, a preference vote manipulator, days before she crossed the floor. It doesn’t add up.

  9. The entire Muslim ummah in Australia even throughout the world including myself feel proud of you. You said out loud my voice. Thumbs up, my courageous sister, Fatima. God bless you!

  10. Mainstream media is trying to remain relevant. Nobody cares about your headlines anymore! Instead of focusing on community projects that Fatima Payman donates to, why don't they go after politicians who are bought out by Zionists? Fatima can spend her own money however she likes and donate to whoever she wants. What's it to Samantha?

  11. Thank you 😊 Jazakum Allahu khayrn I needed this and I am sure my sister @fatima.payman ❤️ needed this. I love the coercive control bit because the media should know it's illegal 😆

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