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High School Girls REVEAL SECRETS to Muslim Parents

OnePath Network sat down with Muslim Parents who read out anonymous confessions from Muslim High School Girls in Sydney, Australia.

This is what took place.

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  1. conservative culture must not have the same ambition and aspiration as the materialistic world people. There is nothing called progressive and modern Islam. Islam has always been basic. If I don't follow sunnah and the path of the sahaba ra. I will deviate from my actual course of life in the dunyia. Muslims are not meant for worldly ambitions and aspirations. We must not forget our root and our root is Quran and sunnah. If even spec of doubt or disrespect for the way of Allah and His beloved Rasool Muhammad PBUH appears in my heart, that's the beginning of the end of the generations to come after me.

  2. I don't feel bad for any parents that willingly send their kids to Fitnah Factories (aka high school) because they are too lazy to properly educate their kids and instead place all their trust in non-Muslims.

  3. All this coming from an Islamic school is crazy. May Allah guide the kids , the parents and those who have been entrusted to look after / teach these kids

  4. Why isn't anyone mentioning the shocking fact that most of these confessions are coming out of PRIVATE ISLAMIC SCHOOLS?!!! This is exactly why my wife and I are homeschooling our children and decided to ditch the private Islamic schools until one of them prove that they are legitimately following the full teachings of Islam and Sunnah. Otherwise, they charge expensive fees and hoard loads of money with the end result of promiscuity and bullying, which is a lose-lose situation here. This is absolutely despicable. May Allah guide or punish the management of these schools for not taking immediate corrective actions.

  5. That's why it's generally HARAM to live in a non-Muslim country and that's why Islam STRONGLY encourages us to marry at young age and the parents & guardians are COMMANDED by Allah [Quran 24:32] to take necessary initiatives regarding their marriages as soon as they reach puberty.

    Parents should give children MARRIAGE EDUCATION before they reach adulthood so that they don't feel uncomfortable and they behave like real men & women who want to get married.

  6. This isn't a recent thing, in my high-school in Pakistan it was a co-ed school and I saw girls coming in with burkas going to the washroom and taking them off then going on dates with the popular guys, I saw the same when it came to events and they would be dancing with boys getting touched inappropriately while they sprinkled water everywhere. It got so bad that even as a guy I stopped going to events in the school and I would limit my interactions and leave as soon as school was over. Often times when kids try to tell their parents they get ignored and often times they haven't even been taught what Islam is. Co-ed schools should not exist in Islamic countries.

  7. I respect the dad who said it's not the girls fault that she was friends with someone and his behaviour was inappropriate. I think that telling girls they shouldn't socialise with boys is overwhelming for them and not really practice in a western world. Yeah personal space and choices should be always respected, but Generally teaching children from young age that bring close to someone physically, touching or even talking is wrong is just giving them anxiety. Of course there is a huge leap between touch and sexualized activity. I actually hate that we are creating bigger and bigger gaps between each other when we think oh East is timid , subjugated and full of rules and modesty and generally very conservative and West is rotten, over sexualized , too leftist. There are many people in between – not too conservative but also not too promiscuous.

    But yeah, we should spend time with our children and teach them about life, about world, especially conservative parents who choose more liberal countries to live in. I cannot make your child feel that they are only safe at home. Tell them how things, don't demonize everything, because they will choose to have secrets and even private lives you will not know about. Teach them to be smart and objective and open to things and open to saying "no".

  8. Spread this on Israeli Media (Israeli Support Videos) for good deeds and to spread awareness:
    To all the Zionists, Israel started it in 1947, do your research you liars. Boycott KFC, Starbucks, McDonalds (Except McDonalds Middle East, though I am unsure about some countries) and also donate to them and pray to them. Free Palestine!

  9. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) recommended to read Surah Mulk every night before going to bed. By doing so, it is said that you would be protected from the torment in the grave.

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