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He REFUSED $2 BILLION For Palestine

When Sultan Abdul Hamid II was offered $2Billion for Palestine, this is how he responded.

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  1. Lies. There was no "Palestine" for him to sell. The British defeated the Ottomans with the help of the jews and promised them a homeland. So in 1947 the Brits gave "part of Syria" to the Jews which included Jordan. But the Jews just wanted the land they were forced off. From the "river" eastwards became Jordan. There would be no Jordan today if the jews had accepted that land. So stop creating your own myopic Islamic history.

  2. Soon after, they lost pretty much everything anyway. They never really developed well, that's why they were drowning in debt among other things… aaaand the land returned to its rightful owners. m/

  3. What on earth are people talking about??

    Palestinians had their land stolen from the Ottoman Empire. The brutal oppression led to the Arab Revolt during World War I, in which Arab forces rebelled against Ottoman rule with the support of the British.

    Dhimmis such as Jews and Christians were prohibited from owning land outright, particularly in areas considered vital to the Muslim community. That's actually the real reason and I know this because my parents are Moroccan.

  4. That's because Israel wasn't to be established by the will of man but rather by the will of God…and Israel was reborn when the Jews were at their weakest and had no voice among the nations. Then drove back 5 fully armed Muslim nations against all odds to the Gory of God alone who said, "…Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts."

    Zechariah 4:6 KJV

  5. If Theo made that proposal to ANY of the current leaders of the so-called Islamic countries they would ALL take the money and give their own mothers aways too.

  6. "The price is the blood of all muslims". Unfortunately it was only half true. Tens of millions have died over these last 20 years, the regimes are mostly still there and Israël is thriving on blood. All for the worst, and we're now persecuted, vilified and genocided everywhere in the globe. If we had the same number of believers than the jews, we would havve been eradicated. Think about it.

  7. Yet the arabs still sold the Khalifa for a flase promise of the British and the French which caused Atatürk to Get to Ruling positions, Its and disgrace for our Ummah and a Lager disgrace that you caused the Turks To be led by a Non Turkish who brought so Called DEMOCRACY…..

  8. Zionist: buatlah mereka berhutang sehingga mereka sulit membayarnya kecuali dengan harga diri dan bangsanya atau buatlah mereka berperang satu sama lain sehingga mereka kehabisan uang dan kelaparan karena membeli senjata dari kita

    Masyarakat: dunia hanya ada dua sisi mata pedang yaitu sisi kedzoliman zionist dan sisi kerusakan kalangan munafiq dan siapa yang dapat mengendalikan mereka adalah kebijaksanaan yang mampu memegang senjata yaitu pengendali hawa nafsu

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