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Good Deeds on Eidul Adha – Dr Zakir Naik

Good Deeds on Eidul Adha – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Assalam O Aleykum Wr Wb, please answer this question. Where does its says, everyone has to sacrifice animals, other then Hajj ?
    * Does Allah SWT order to sacrifice animals even if you not performing Hajj ?

    * If it's hadith and authentic strong hadith?

    please share

    Jazakallah khair

  2. Dr. Zakir Nail has been asked numerous times about his feelings about Elijah Muhammad's teachings. He's chosen not to ever approach that subject. Dr. Naik has commented on numerous of people who's claimed to be this or that. You would think a Man as serious as Elijah Muhammad, who has that many followers, would draw the attention of Dr. Naik.. whether positive or negative. I think Dr. Naik stay away from that subject because he knows exactly who Elijah Muhammad is. He can tell by Elijah's teachings that Elijah has been visited by Allah and is a true messenger of God. If he didn't think so, he would've said so by now. Even though many orthodox Muslims or idiots, Dr. Naik is not. I think he knows what it would do to his following and do to himself, if he admitted who the Black people.. especially Black people of America really were. Dr. Naik, Allah is not pleased with what you're doing. And as much as you know about Islam, it would be a shame to risk the wrath of Allah. Thank you.

  3. In eid general scientist not out in attacks general scientist for children of general scientist money and food and others rights not available there's rights of general scientist from Saudi Arabia

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