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Finding Healing in the Quran this Ramadan | Sh. Abu Bakr Zoud

What does it mean to gain healing from the Quran? How can one truly derive a state of peace and contentment from the Quran this Ramadan?

We sit down with Shaykh Abu Bakr Zoud, originally from Sydney, Australia, to breakdown the concept of Quranic healing and attaining true love for the Quran.


00:00 Introduction
01:32 – Your biggest anticipation for Ramadan
02:49 – Your most favourite Iftar meal
03:56 – Breakdown of one name of the Quran
05:22 – Your Favourite description of Jannah
08:42 – Your most memorable moment studying abroad
13:08 – The Quran being the Soul of the soul
17:51 – Remedy for losing hope in Allah
24:11 – How does one attain healing from the Quran
29:44 – How does one attain peace from the Quran
35:35 – The Muslim experience of contentment
40:11 – How to attain conviction in Allah’s promise
47:36 – Advice for those struggling to worship in Ramadan
51:50 – Advice for a new mother in Ramadan
54:54 – The significance of dates in the Sunnah
56:14 – Shaykh Meeting with the Prophet Muhammad in Jannah

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  1. My best 👌 smart sheikh zoud happy you're around after Ramadan,every topic is so important and educational,at seniors age still I'm learning from his speech,so humble and voice so relaxing,may Allah bless and reward him abundantly ,ameen Ameen Allaho akbar shukrun shukrun .

  2. BarakAllahou fikoum, I enjoyed listening to the beautiful reminders. I'm sad Ramadhan is already coming to an end… May Allah accept from us and forgive our shortcomings

  3. Allahuma barik may Allah bless everyone involved in this podcast series, thank you for making a podcast for us that not only is entertaining but helpful and informative and gives guidance❤ may Allah bless your efforts and grant you success and an abundance of good deeds 😊

  4. What an amazing podcast,Sheik Zoud Allah blessed you with knowledge that is insurmountable
    and how you impart the knowledge
    with so much love,care and kindness.
    May Allah reward you and your family Abundantly.

  5. السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

    What an amazing podcast with our beloved Sheikh; especially the last 10-12 minutes..just what I needed..SubhanAllah

    Jazak Allah Khair for sharing!

    May Allah SWT forgive all of our sins, accept our worship, and reunite us in Jannat Al Firdaws. Ameen. 🤲🏽

  6. Of all the sheikhs I've heard, Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud has to be my favourite, Ma Sha Allah everything from the knowledge imparted to the Eloquence and delivery of it is is done beautifully by him bi iznillahi ta'ala. And there is visible noor on his face, may Allah reward him in this life and the next. Thank you Sheikh Zoud

  7. Why are these Australian scholars so well spoken. Absolutely love watching them. And so much noor on their faces. May Allah swt guide me, Ameen.

  8. Needed this soooo badly subhanallah. May Allah bless you all at one path and bless the Shaykh too. Honestly been struggling with my mental health so much, may Allah grant us all ease Ameen. Please keep me in your duas ❤

  9. SUBHANULLAH! The information sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud gives us, is so thought Provoking. It just refresh my mind completely. JAZAKALLAH for this PODCAST ❤️

  10. Subhanallah I was deciding on what to listen to tonight, and I felt it should be about the Quran. And then I felt the best person would be Sh Abu Bakr. I press search and I see this video was posted days ago Alhamdulilah

  11. Hi I have a question if someone eat pork and he didn't know in Ramadan in eftar what happened with his fast and what he should do to Allah for gives his sine can you answer me thank for your gidnes I watching from Finland every time if I free .

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