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Students around the world are all raising their voices for the Palestinian people while also demanding Universities do one thing – divest from companies supporting Israel.

However there’s one encampment in particular that doesn’t seem to be moving or provoking a response from the university. And that’s this one at the University of Sydney.

I wanted to find out what was really going on, was this place really the hub of anti-semitism it is said to be, are Jewish people really frightened to walk on campus, and why has the University been so silent in regards to their demands? This is what happened.

00:00 Introduction
02:36 The reality of “anti-semitism” on campus
04:37 The “friendly” ties with Israeli universities
06:33 Sydney University and the Thales Weapons Company
09:36 Sydney University and Raytheon Weapons
10:11 Ben Eggleton and Lockheed Martin
10:59 University Response
11:47 Final Message to students

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  1. University of Western Australia is very silent. No student activism, its Student Guild was warned by the Australian Liberal Party student group not to support Curtin University encampment. Recently, UWA cancelled a confirmed bookinh pro- Palestinian community lecture after it came under pressure from the pro Zionist lobby.

  2. Are you inviting a hard hand response??? It may be coming.. just be prepared. The deep state is watching,planning to move these students out.. it's coming just be prepared.. " Let them plan, but Allah is the best of planners".

  3. Have'nt they seen the Maori in New Zealand supporting Palestine! And werent the Aussies the people who oppressed and suppressed the native aboriginees in Australia? And they display islamophobia and Zionism with pride! If they cant check themselves they will be checked by Allah.

  4. One thing surprised me that privileged Muslims can only shout and give lectures but privilege jews went in gaza and fighting Against H@mas. I'm not supporting isreal and I'm a Muslim. But lectures, protest Won't going to liberate anybody

  5. Thank you. From rural NSW. First they ignore you, etc etc.

    I’m gen X, we were weak and feckless in our turn of the century fight against Western hegemony and the military machine. We gave up and we lost.

    Gen Z gives me hope. Keep going!

  6. It is very important for us to rethink about our studies, our careers, and where the companies we're getting paid for profiting off – critically. We have learned that this modern development wasn't built in the name of education or civilisation. We're really going backwards in term of humanity.

  7. Great job. We need more news on what is actually happening in Australia, as the media and government are biased towards Israel and Pr Palestinian protesters are being slandered, harassed and attacked.

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