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Everything is God or God’s – Dr Zakir Naik

Everything is God or God’s – Dr Zakir Naik

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  1. Let me answer with my point :
    Both are true. Everything is God's, this is basic, everyone understands, I won't get into it. Now, everything is God.
    Because God is an Absolute, right? All-Powerfull, He is Everything, THE Everything. So we can find anything in God. Btw I think it's a mistake to say that God is 100% spiritual. Why would he create a physical world then? If God is 100% spiritual and 0% material, He lacks something, which is a contradiction. So, as there is everything in God, including physical stuff, we can see ANYTHING as a PART of God. Because if I see this chair near me, as there is everything in God, I would obviously find this exact same chair in God if I could. So this chair has the attributes of a small small smaaallll part of God.
    Let me compare God with Pi (3,14159265 etc). This number is infinite, so you can find ANY sequence of numbers in it. If you look into it, you can find your birth date, the exact amount of blade of grass in the Earth, anything! This is the same princip for God.

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