One Path

Episode Seven: How does someone actually become a Muslim?

Becoming a Muslim, the Shahada and what next.

00:00 – How to become a Muslim
00:35 – The Shahada (Testimony of faith)
01:25 – After accepting Islam
02:08 – Beliefs as a Muslim

In the latest series installment at OnePath Network, we present “Learn Islam” presented by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim. So many non-Muslims curious about Islam, but too shy to walk into an Islamic Centre to learn about the religion from an Islamic Educator, would surely appreciate this new insightful piece into the basics of Islam, the faith of 1.7 Billion people around the world. This series intends to cover a range of topics in an interview format, including the basics of Islamic Creed, belief in God, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the Quran, the Afterlife, the Angels, the concept of Divine Decree and peculiars about embracing the Islamic faith. Please be sure to constantly check back at the link for new episodes, as we will be releasing them progressively by the will of Allah over the next month.


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