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DR ZAKIR NAIK JAPAN TOUR 2015 (3rd to 8th Nov. 2015)

Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Please tell me 10 invention invented in Islam Since Islam form. There is only two condition. One is invention should be before 19th century.( Nowadays people shifting to any where in the world for education, research and jobs.) Second is this invention should be useful for any one. ( Nuclear bomb is not useful for me as a individual I'm not denying fact that this will save my nation but still not useful for me on daily basis.)
    Invention should be in any form. Like, Art, Science, Economy, Maths, Astronomy, Weapons etc.

    For Example. 1) Zero invented in India without it we can't live a single day. 2) Glasses (spectacles) invented in Northern Italy once in life time every one have to use. If you don't need in this age you have to use when you cross 80. ect.

    I did lots of research on this I could found only one invention that is Algebra. That person from Greek not from Arab.

    Islam is very rigid, orthodox, not allow you to explore, as per Islam womens are just for production and sexual satisfaction.
    Islam is very cruel and corrupt religion in sura 4.34 said that strike on women if they dont listen you. Muhammad said in sura 9.40, Give bribe to people to change others religion.
    What a messenger.

    Muslim know that they can not win this world on basis of technology. So they entered in europe by begging and now they are demanding for MOSQUE not for education. They just want to spread Islam all over the world. After that they will fight between them in Shia and Sunni Cast like now days are fighting in seria.

    Because of Quran entire world is suffering. [ 26/11(India), 9/11(US) ]. Quran is just written in random way. Their is no deep thought. This religion is only for whose IQ is below 90. Most poor population found in Muslims because they following Quran. In India 80% Muslims are below poverty line. 68% criminals are Muslim in India.

    When ordinary Muslim become more religious he/she become terriorist and when Hindu becomes more religious he becomes Sanyasi ( He/she left everything and just start chanting of GOD ). Nobody can't defeat Alexander but Indian Yogi defeats him. In India Muslim rural applied so much extra tax on Hindus because of this survival question aries and then lower cast Hindu converted in Islam.Because they were so poor. This Tax called " Jijiya kar".

    If you ask each and every Hindu, what is Hinduism ? You will get different answer from everyone. That is called Hinduism.
    I'm not saying follow Hinduism. Just read 10 Pages of Bhagavad Gita and if you found something interesting then continue reading. Otherwise leave it. I could read Quran 80% because after that I can't found anything new. If you did this Allah will punish you. If you not done this then also Allah will punish you. Nothing else is talk in Quran. There is not written anything that get even little difficult to understand other hand hinduism is very difficult to understand. And difficult things make your life easy and interesting.

    Please Open your EYES. Dont look at them as a sympathetically. When they get power they start again massacre just they did in Myanmar and every day do in some part of the world.
    Accept Islam if you want to do official gangbang.

  2. Thanks Dr. You are carrying out the great responsibilities which was given by Allah(swt) through Mohammad(PBUH). May Allah give you enormous strength and courage to sake of obeying the Almighty's order.

  3. hey hi..Mr zakir….u always debate with simple ppls and so called scholars ……I defenetly know yu ll lose 100% if yu debate with Real hardcore scientists…. like Dr. Richard Dawkins. Because when yu talk about science.. yu refer unclean science I.e. Pseudoscience.. ie fake science.. yur knowledge of science is very marginal and glossory type…he (Dawkins) will teach you a valuable lesson forever…(I think yu lie…because yu say evolution is not part of syllabus in medical science… but it is 100% wrong…it is very easy download syllabus (like AIIMS) see there books…evolution is very foundation of medical science)

  4. dear Dr. Zakir Naik, please come to Indonesia..
    Indonesia is multi cultural country, which definitely has a lot of religion..
    how to invite you to come to Indonesia? where can the proposal or invitation be sent?

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