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  1. رب جلنی مقیم الصلاۃ ومن ذریتی ربنا وتقبل دعاء ربناغفرلی والی والی دیا وللمؤمنین یوم یقوم الحساب" آمین یا رب العالمین 🤲

  2. In the name of Allah bless you all the night all day before and after you, and today and tomorrow Allah love to see you Allah bless you all for now and today I am looking forward for your help with this one to one another and tomorrow Allah bless you all

  3. Maa Sha Allah very beautiful jazaka llahu khairan…may we be able to use our tongues for the remembrance of Allah Aameen
    No god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger
    Glory be to Allah
    Praise be to Allah
    No god but Allah
    Allah is the Greatest
    No power or might except with Allah…I love Allah
    May Allah continue to protect every Muslim around the globe Aameen yaa Rabb

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