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Captain Jack Sparrow was based off a Muslim?!

Did you know the real Jack Sparrow was Muslim?

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  1. lol like salomons flying carpet and speaking to ants that an not hear??? or like salomon having a dhinnie taking his ring an d so on… islam is hilleriouse… I wonder when I die will I be proclaimed a muslim too for telling the truth about islam and showing the lies of the quran, the haddits and tafsirs… just like many others .. Ohhh wait I'm a real person.. not a madeup fiction figure— so it will not happen. only fictunal stories in the quran hehehehe

  2. If Johnny Depp wasn't cancelled, next Pirates of the Caribbean movie could have incorporated this true storyline, the only problem would be that he's character would have to give up his only true love…………. RUM.😅😂

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