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Can we Abstain from Fasting during Examinations? – Dr Zakir Naik

Can we Abstain from Fasting during Examinations? – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Guys please pray for me that I get good results its hard to study so much while fasting. May Allah make it easy for us and add barakah in every second we study. Ameen

  2. As a professor in New York City, I feel it is wrong to give students exams during Ramadan. They should be granted religious exemption and allowed to take the exams later. In fact, in an international society, one should avoid even offering exams to anyone during Ramadan so that no students needs to request an exemption.

  3. I am a medical student and it is my dream to become a doctor to help people one day. Why does my religion make it harder for me to reach this goal, to make it harder for me to do good and help people in the world

  4. I have acidity problem since 4-5 years but also I use to stay fasting…..but this year 2020 I stayed till date(15d) fasting but even I am taking medication the fasting is not able to kept by me …….iam getting food reflex….and troth pain due to it……I decided not to keep fast due to my medical problem…..I don't wanna leave but situation…. demanding..😓…is it is a valid to leave fast by me… it can forgiven by😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 allaha(WT)……

  5. I am newly reverted to Islam
    This is my first Ramadan.
    I have been fasting 27 days
    But today one of anti Muslim people offered me a drink . so I drank it they still don't know that I am Muslim . what should I to make up my missed day

  6. Evn am having my exam from june 3rd.. but i hav a 22 months old baby whole day i need to carr her n aftt she slps at nite i need to study. Alhmdulillah m fasting as well but this is givng me much hectic n m nt able to concentrate on studies as m exhausted working whole day😡 m not able to properly concentrate on ramadan nor my studies m very much worried wat to do ..plz guide me in dis case

  7. Before this vid I fasted during all of my exams and I read the day for success in exams and I did very good. I felt like Allah was on my side. There were five subjects and on one exam I even got a 100

  8. Dr zakir is not fully correct ….if fasting hampers your study u can choose not to fast…u are exempted….it depends on the individual's strength….Believe in Allah the most merciful

  9. I gave my exam in Ramadan… 4 days ago… It actually went great… I was more energetic and could concentrate more on study… Yups… That's not a valid reason to skip fast… People go to jehad while fasting… Are our exams tougher than that? Think.

  10. People should be wise enough to think for themselves and not allow people or Quran to think for them. We are in modern era, never ever allow religion to get in the way of your success. Religion is based on belief and faith system that cannot be substantiated or proven because it is not real.

  11. God is not strict what they told.God says everyone has right to leave their life in their on style. No one can stop them. But he also says help other people. Dont hurt anyone. Try to be a good person. And I am always with you. God is very kind. They make them strict.

  12. My gradfather remember his last birth. And a priest check his hand and told him. Three more births you will become human. Because you give your food to a poor hungry person in your last birth. God give you blessing to born as a human for your next three births.

  13. Guys I too have my entrance exams coming up in a few days. InshaAllah I'll try to observe the fast as well as I can. Do remember me in your prayers. I pray for eternal success for all my brothers and sisters (Ameen) ❤

  14. Honestly speaking we just observe the ritual and not fast as worship,no sympathy with the poor,no patience,no tolerance,abusing,backbiting ,lying as usual,price hike especially in muslim countries is a must,Allah wont like his beings in starvation,so what is the real philosophy behind fasting ,just been hungry and eating unusual food to one's fill or somrthing else ?

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