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Can one follow certain aspects of Islam and yet follow Brahmanism?

Dr Zakir Naik answers a Question posed by Non-Muslim Sister
Can one follow certain aspects of Islam and yet follow Brahmanism? by Dr Zakir Naik

Lecture Name: Ask Dr Zakir (Chennai)
Video Code: ADZN_CH_07



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  1. As-salamu alaykum
    This🎆🎆 man has done more to change people's lives than almost anyone else in the last decade. What do you think? 🎇🎇……..if you like my video plz subscribe it, IN SHA ALLAH, ALLAH will help you, tq……

  2. Pratima means image yes, but in this context it has the other meaning of 'likeliness'. Brahman is the ultimate reality, it isn't God as a being but the ultimate reality which pervades all living things. Some Hindus believe in dualism and others don't (this is a seperate discussion).

    People have somewhat personified God in order to make connecting and thinking about God more realistic. But even in the Quran or Islam, people state Allah has a throne and hands and feet and a face etc. Maybe everyone has their own view, but my take is that the different deities in Hinduism are all manifestations/aspects of the ultimate reality. Unlike other religions, it doesn't state that Gods have to be male and perhaps females can relate to a Goddess more. That doesn't mean the ultimate reality has a gender but it's how we personally relate to the ultimate reality.

    Again, I'm not speaking for all Hindus. I think Islam is correct within it's vicinity but you also have reform movements within hinduism who oppose idolatry etc.

    Sufism is similar to Sanatana Dharma. But if both have similar concepts then why is one 'the only way'?

  3. Dear sir, my mom and i like to watch your speech, and i hope you can add indonesian subtitle in your channel videos because sometimes my mom get a little trouble when she watch your videos on your channel, because can not always be there for my mom to translate on what you say. It is just a suggestion from me. Thank you

  4. I hope you are given good health to spread peace and truth. the knowledge of your lecture is perfect to make the spirit to learn more about Islam. I really hope you include text in universal languages ​​in each of your videos.

  5. Forcefully converted her against her will. I feel pity on that lady. The audience were clapping and mocking at her. Reflects the pathetic mentality of muslims. So desperate to convert a woman…. Lanat ho aise religion pe…. Disgrace to humanity….

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  7. Don't ask questions to this imbecile, this false doctor is also a liar, a money launderer, an ignorant and is paid by saudi arabia and is a promoter of terrorism

  8. Dr.zakir naik I have a question In your previous video you tell that In quran noting writes about prohibiting the music And WHEN prophet Muhammad 'S. A.W HEARDS MUSIC He shut his ears and does not like to listen music..But how is it possible that In quran there is no prohibiting of music…..So how is it possible?????PLEASE ANSWER FROM ADNAN RAFIQI!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What is Brahmanism? It is nothing but a concoction of Neo-Hinduism theorists, like they created the Aryan Invasion theory and similar falsehood.
    Monotheism Abrahamic religions are nothing but communism with One God.
    They are creator of hatred and destructions, who do not agree with them.

  10. So all the scripts are not maintained in  pure form other than Quraan.  my my my.  What a  logic.

    Zakhir says on  other speeches, that islam is there, since the creation of this world.  And Allah  the true GOD, has given Vedas, and other religious scripts. And since Allah cannot protect these books and allowed them to corrupt, then what about this book Quraan too?

    And zakhir you are quoting only one verse that there is no idol, no image, no form, it is mentioned, but there are also other verses which says, yes there are image and form. 
    Dont give half quoted verse

  11. Any human who submits to Almighty, is called as a muslim?  ha ha ha.  What a funny thought.

    Am saying any person, who submits to GOD Almighty, who is Paramatma, Parameshwar, are called Sanatana Dharam followers.  He becomes a good human.

  12. Muslims should not offend other religions by saying that their scriptures are not maintained or they have been fabricated corrupted or not in pure form. They can also say same about Quran. zakir naik only knows one verse of vedas na pratima nasti but there are thousands of verse in vedas. zakir naik has biased views. I request zakir naik to not to offend other religions so that they will not offend our Quran. Please respect all faith, don't offend others religion this is request to my Muslim brothers and sisters. Hindus also have all counter arguments for what zakir naik says 

  13. Hinduism is the oldest and the mother of all religion, it dates back to 30000+ years..
    The base  of hinduism is Vedas and 18 Puranas..  We dont need to follow Ramayana or Mahabharatha. Those are just stories. The Vedas havnt changed as the passage of time. The steps of poojas said in vedas are still followed in the same way as that was done centuries ago.. 

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