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Building a Strong Muslim Mindset | Sh. Abdullah Oduro

In a world of motivational speakers, celebrity life coaches and online influencers – how does a Muslim develop a strong mindset.

We sit down with Shaykh Abdullah Oduro from Dallas, Texas to discuss ways in which Muslims can foster their own unique mindset in light of their faith.

Shaykh Oduro is a research fellow at Yaqeen Institute and also the head of convert resources.

00:00 Introduction
01:40 – Shaykh Abdallah’s roots
04:59 – Why I chose to Become Muslim
09:13 – Understanding your purpose & Surah Baqara reflection
11:23 – What should a Muslims day look like?
17:18 – The story of the $100 and $1 Riyal
21:26 – Reflect to connect and rewind to remind
22:20 – Salah and rewinding
23:53 – How do we achieve a state of discipline ?
25:38 – the most beloved actions
28:59 – Being beloved to Allah
31:01 – Practice makes Perfect or Practice makes Permanent?
35:46 – Maintaining happiness in troubling times
40:39 – The impact of Hedonism
44:52 – Salah
46:39 – Fudayl Ibn Iyad and the jealousy of kings
48:50 – The aftermath of the Sexual Revolution
50:56 – Can we be inherently ‘toxic’ people?
51:49 – The Protection and Honour of women in Islam
54:29 – The idea of a ‘Safe Space’
56:25 – Final thoughts

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