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Bribing is Prohibited in Hinduism and Islam – Dr Zakir Naik

Bribing is Prohibited in Hinduism and Islam – Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. Celebrating Mawlid .(Birthday of the Prophet) is bidah The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) told us that: “Every innovation is going astray, and every going astray will be in the Fire.” Narrated by Muslim (8 6 7) and an-Nasaa’i (1 5 7 8). ( Biddah is all newly invented deeds which the Prophet P.B.U.H did not mention.

  2. If dear allah and mohamad piss be upon him are against taking or bribbing then how come quatar got the next world cup backshish is an arab word for bribes bachanders its now in all languages islam and its culture created bribbery and the west has profited by it so zaikir naik your so full of shit

  3. they call that oppression of the people: by imposing a yoke; that they do not touch themselves. trusting a leader is for the blind, and they are blind because they have justified themselves. the citizens are better off than leaders like that!

  4. Assalam o alikum ! Sir I am very much interested to know the history or islam and life of Muhammad SAW , plz guide me how to start , Alhumdulillah I am muslim but I dont know about my deen plz sir guide me their is alot of fiqqa but I only want to be a good musalman plz guide me sir …

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