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Between Love, Hope and Fear | Yahya Al-Raaby (Full Podcast)

OnePath Network sits down with Ustadh Yahya Al-Raaby to discuss the Quran, a book that balances between love, hope and fear.

Timestamps Yahyha Raaby

00:00 Introduction

00:50 A reflection on the Quran

01:18 Amal, Hope

03:34 Fear, Al Khawf

06:24 Tawbah, Repentance

09:45 Explaining the Quran to a non-Muslim

11:27 A believer and their relationship with the Quran

16:22 How to uphold Quranic character

22:26 Those who abandon the Quran

24:58 Practical tips to engage with the Quran

30:56 The comfort of the Quran

34:33 The Quran as a means of Healing and Mercy

49:45 Tension and release

54:10 Learning from our children

1:01 Final comments

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