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Benefits of Fasting – Dr Zakir Naik

Ramadhaan-A Date with Dr.Zakir Naik,As far as benefits besides religious and spiritual benefits there are various benefits of fasting and as you rightly mentioned in the last interview we discussed about the religious and spiritual. There are other benefits which can be categorized into 3 different categories,Physical benefits of fasting, there are psychological benefits of fasting as well as there are social benefits of fasting,
Since fasting mainly involves in abstaining from food drink and sex from dawn upto sunset. Today we realize that the stomach is the main organ of the body which has the maximum diseases, maximum number of ailments that’s why our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws), he said: It’s mentioned in Ibn Maajah vol no. 4 hadith no. 3349 our beloved Prophet said that”There is nothing better that a son of Adam can fill in the container with more evils than stomach, it is sufficient for a man to be on his feet with a morsel but if he has to eat more than he can divide the stomach into three parts, one third for the food one third for the drink and one third for his breath, or one third for the air”So what we realize that the maximum diseases originate in the stomach because it’s house for bacteria and the food that we eat it enters the stomach from the stomach it gets digested it goes into the intestinal tract then the food enters in the blood stream and then it almost goes into all the organs of the body and we realize that our stomach is working continuously through out the life, it never gets any rest. When we fast the stomach which is a very delicate organ though it’s very delicate it is a very complicated organ it’s delicate at the same time its very important it keeps on working though out the day. This organ while we fast when no food enters for several hours it gets rest and the toxins that are there in the body they are removed they are purged out. So fasting is a very good way physically it’s beneficial for the body, it removes all the toxins and it helps in various diseases.

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