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Australian Woman K!LLED in Gaza! 🌎 🇵🇸

Will this Australian woman make the difference?

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  1. 1. Your numbers are a bit high according to an average of reports. You are going only off numbers reported by Hamas the (terrorist group), deemed as such by nearly every report from every country!
    2. "Not a word"
    Are you high? Have you not been seeing the marches and the stances from so many countries.
    3. Israel should be condemned for any deaths of women and children, absolutely! But dont pretend this just started on Oct 7th.
    You know damn well that without the iron dome given by the US the jews would all be dead! More than 20,000 rockets have been fired into Israel from gaza and the west bank.

  2. I'm an Australian . I love this propaganda post. Genocide, is that when you try and wipe out a people purely based on their identity? Like trying to wipe out Jews simple because they're jews? People care about Palestinians, they just dont care about hamas or the pathetic propaganda that comes with it.

  3. It’s amazing how Hamas put out an attack so big and expected nothing in return? 1300 slaughtered nothing in return? 200+ kidnapped and nothing in return? You should talk about that instead of calling it resistance.

  4. Yeah that’s how it works???

    Idk man why should our governments get involved with other international issues when some other countries have their own problems to worry about?

  5. Hamas should stop hiding behind Civilians then. Maybe the rats should stop hiding under hospitals and showing off dead bodies on pickup trucks, with said body coming from a foreigner with no relation to Israel. Oh yeah, if you dont know, im referring as to how Hamas is hiding behind Civilians.

    Maybe they should have been building bomb shelters instead of tunnels.

    This is war, this isn’t a tea party with girls giggling. Both sides are bad, one side worse and the other side the worst. I view Hamas as the worst, not the Palestinian People. Either way, doesn’t the name Palestine come from Roman times when they were naming their conquered lands something to mock the Jews?

  6. A lot of innocent Germans were killed in WW2 you know. It’s not exactly a good faith argument for cooperation. Maybe if some members of your movement weren’t chanting death to America I’d be more sympathetic.

  7. Um, of course everyone cares. They just care significantly more when it’s their own. We care about as much about what’s happening to your people as you care about the injustices in china or any other country that isn’t yours. Fair right?

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