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Australian Prime Minister GETS CAUGHT on IsraelI Hypocrisy

World politicians and celebrities are currently singing their prayers for Israel in unison. National landmarks are being shone blue and white in solidarity. And media outlets are furiously condemning Palestinian “terror” in outrage of what is taking place.

I’m very sorry but why?

Because for the first time in history, the occupied have decided to take a stance against their occupier. For the first time, the Palestinians have decided to resist their invaders.

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  1. Jews are sons of king david and king solomon in jerusalem.who is the palestinian king we have to surrender to? Go learn the bible and history and archeology in the middle east

  2. You are all hypocrites …the Palestinian people are under aggressive oppressors!!! Evil, pure evil…why does everyone forgive the illegal settlers and their evil behavior….poor,poor Palestinians… I hope God ( everyones God) punish you Jewish people…Netanyahu, you will be punished sompe day….Palestinians are human and also have the right to protect themselves!!!!

  3. Exactly. To ask peace from a people that have been hold hostage in Gaza and killed for decades is like ask the Jews in Nazi Germany to shake hand while they are led to the gas chamber.

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