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Ask Shaikh Fariq – Live Fortnightly Question & Answer Session: Season 11 Session 3

Live Fortnightly Question & Answer Session: Season 11 Session 3


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  1. ok to answer your question about why the need for a sacrifice…the Bible says the soul that sins will surely die and the wages of sin is death. The penalty for sin is always death. Sin is the rejection of God and thereby rejecting Life. The only just outcome for sin can be death because it is the forfeiting of life. Physically and spiritually. It's a harsh penalty, but a just and unavoidable penalty. The only way to receive forgiveness, which is available, is a life has to be paid for the sins. In the law of Moses, a law that was flawed because it only pointed out mans sins, an animal was sacrificed. Was that fair? No. The animal was a lesser than creation than man that was made in God's image and the animal wasn't the one that had sinned. God himself took no delight in the sacrifice of animals for man so He had to fulfill His own law on mans behalf even though man wasn't really aware of God's plan and sadly, didn't even really want it in many cases. That's why Jesus came forth to pay the price for you and me. Jesus was a greater being than the man that had sinned and he gave His life so you and I are no longer accountable for paying the price for the penalty of God's own written law. Was it fair that Jesus had to die for us. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just like the animal in the old covenant that was actually not the sinner, but the sacrifice only, Jesus was not the sinner, but the sacrifice only. God fulfilled his OWN law for us. The requirement of death for sin ( justice) and the pardon for sin ( grace and forgiveness) have now been met and we receive the eternal Life of God through being filled with the Holy Spirit. I thank God for His mercy and what he's done for me. Hopefully I was able to help my muslim friends on here and hopefully you can show your friends this answer to help them understand why Christians believe what they do. God bless you

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