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Ask Shaikh Fariq – Live Fortnightly Question & Answer Session : Season 10 Session 4

Live Fortnightly Question & Answer Session : Season 10 Session 4


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  1. Shaik Fariq, The mistake you are making is that you are not realizing that God is supreme and God negotiates with none. No human being have power to negotiate with God nor the power to give advise to God on what God should do and not do. Human beings can negotiate with another human being and with animals, but not with God.

  2. There is only one name under heaven given among men by which we can be saved: His name is JESUS!! Jesus said, "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, AND NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME". THAT'S THE TRUTH!!! And if you don't believe His words, then you're calling Jesus a LIAR! No OTHER religion EXCEPT Christianity can save you!! And the ONLY one who can save you is JESUS ​​CHRIST. You see, all other religions are WORKS based religions. No matter how many good works you do, they will not make up for the times you have broken God's Law. If you're honest with yourself, you'll be willing to admit that you've broken God's Law many times (as I did). If you're like me, you've probably broken God's Law more times than you can count! And because we violate His Law, we deserve to be punished by Him. We deserve to go to HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!! But because of God's Great Love for us, He sent JESUS ​​CHRIST. The Law of God requires that we be punished for our sins, and a perfect, sinless person, JESUS, shed His Blood instead. JESUS ​​is the ONLY one who qualified for this! JESUS ​​did His part. Repent of ALL your sins (forsake them) and have FAITH IN JESUS ​​today and God will save you. He will grant you eternal life, not because you earned it, deserve it or because you are a good person, but because He wants to give you eternal life as a FREE GIFT!! The Bible says that God will make you BORN AGAIN. He will give you a new heart and new desires. DO IT TODAY!!! TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE!!!

  3. My father recently bought a house using a mortgage loan that has interest and But if he pays the money for the house in like 5 years is it permissible because the mortgage loan is in a time line of 30 years if he pays the house back before the bank takes interest from him is it permissible ?

  4. Muslims from Russia DO NOT follow the special operation in Ukraine against innocent people. If u respect urself and ur history under this double heads hypocrisy government u will become realize that u r little silly toy in their hands. How many young boys were sent in Afghanistan in past and in Syria nowadays to protect false statements about terrorism. Invisible terrorists are don't torment our Caucasian people in prisons. Please have a little logic and remember how many times this false democracy used as a trigger to get Russian people hate speech and realize they will never accept us till we‘ll become the same thing without religion and future perspectives as a ethnic, traditional and cultural group without history. Stop the genocide of Caucasians! May Allah protect all muslims from hypocrisy and political games from any government🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻

  5. Are these true?
    Islam not compatible:
    1) girl no make-up infront of others
    2) girl no purfume infront of others
    3) no wig, hair transplant
    4) no tattoo
    5) women no dress. Only burka
    6) no painting of living beings
    7) no sculpture of living beings
    8) actors actress can't show off body
    9) no music
    10) no tv, movies
    11) no dogs, lizard, pigs
    12) no wine
    13) no bank, stock interest
    14) no contraceptive
    15) no adoption/property rights
    16) can't make multicultural friends
    17) no homosexuality
    18) no feminism: man can have 4 wives
    19) democracy considered evil
    20) allow Child marriage
    21) can't donate organ
    22) can't eat mushroom
    23) can't play chess
    24) can't take photos. No ID Card.
    25) can't use Jew products. FB, YT,
    26) not loyal to Nation but Ummah
    27) allow wife beating
    28) allow slavery
    29) considers earth flat & doesn't rotate
    30) allow cousin marriage
    31) considers women low IQ
    32) allow besti@lity
    33) testimony 1man=2woman
    34) women always depend on mehram
    35) deny evolution
    36) sun sets in muddy water
    37) halala of woman
    38) live-in relationship not allowed
    39) inheritance man:woman= 2:1

  6. Most of the verses quoted about Jesus Christ when read in context they talk about Jesus being exalted but why do we reject them and choose only what sounds what we want to hear..? I think if we are to reject then we have to reject everything and not being selective or if we must accept then we accept everything about Jesus Christ otherwise being selective on verses means we only look for what we want to hear from the bible..

  7. I invite you all along with myself to offer regular Salah and Recite Glorious Qur'an and Try to understand the best message of our Beloved Holy Qur'an.
    Must read translation in the language you understand better and get the message properly apart from peace in heart.


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