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Ask Shaikh Fariq – Live Fortnightly Question & Answer Session : Season 10 Session 2

Ask Shaikh Fariq – Live Fortnightly Question & Answer Session : Season 10 Session 2


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  1. People pretend to be failures. But they actually truly are falilures. Theyre lying to themselves and others if they are pretending. Its like I dont afford lemons so I say I dont like lemons.

  2. If prayer hands which make namaz are communication with the God so why u cut off peoples hand?Or u think that thief cant return back to Truth making Tovbe and start pray to God with their clear hand

  3. Hi brother,can u send my question to Dr.Zakir?Islam calls to cut off thiefs hand but why big thiefs are safe of this punishment action,coz they rule goverment and they themselves make this punishment to cut off hand of small thiefs?Tell him i am philosopher and i wait for his logical answer

  4. I am Abdul Ahad from Bangladesh.I am a student at Chemistry at a University.I am frustrating because I think I am learning chemistry to develop my carrier better which is ralated to dunia but I want to become a daee which is related to my akhira.
    Now in this situation,what should I do? please reply me Sir.

  5. The Bible/Torah/Koran was not handed to mankind by a god,…

    nor was it dictated to human stenographers by any gods;

    all written by men!

    The Olden Testes Bible/Torah were just fables from the stone ages by oral tradition…

    the Bible, a books of fables, was VOTED on by a group of men after the 4th century;

    the Koran was just the copied and demented dogma of a selfish and petty despot….

    There are no gods…

    [btw – any objections to these historical facts must be accompanied with evidence

    to prove the existence

    of any gods claimed]

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