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40 Days, Memorising the Quran and Dying in Madinah | Talal Kanj (Full Podcast)

We sit down with Brother Talal Kanj to discuss what life is like in the path of Allah. We go over all things from his involvement in Dawah to his journey towards memorizing the Quran, to the day he buried his brother in Madinah.

0:00 Introduction to our guest

1:33 Where did your practicing journey begin?

4:32 What was life like before practicing Islam in depth?

8:12 How Dawah helps keep you steadfast

10:37 Incredible Dawah incident in New Zealand

14:30 Talal’s journey towards memorising the Quran

21:06 Raising children to memorise the Quran

28:31 Reflecting on Talal’s brother’s death in Madinah

40:10 What legacy would you like to leave behind?

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